Administrative Controls

Posted by John Sommers on 21st July 2016 in General

Nevertheless, in spite of the administrative controls that are exerted, by Law, by means of the Internal Offices of Contraloras and other administrative organisms of control that there is in the universities, no a system of financial evaluation exists that allows to determine the efficiency of the budgetary contributions. The unique thing that knows is that the universities, in the majority of the cases, are insolvent with their personnel, the suppliers of the services of support and with the allowance of equipment and equipment updated for the efficient performance of the different academic activities. He is necessary and advisable, for the own universities, to generally clarify to this situation by means of the establishment of systems of surrender of accounts to the university community and the society. This system of account surrender would have to comprise of a process of institutional evaluation that allowed, from a permanent registry of excellent information, to monitor its sectorial and global performance, in order to make decisions substantiated opportunely and to render account of its management before the society. A system of university evaluation would have to give account of aspects such as: the quality and relevance of the withdrawn one, the obsolescence of the curriculum.

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