Bertrand Russell

Posted by John Sommers on 24th February 2021 in General

After a few weak and too academic arguments that convince me nor I am an atheist, said goodbye and walked away while the camera followed him as if he were an extraterrestrial. In Costa Rica there are different, only live another time about these matters. Here again is unthinkable accept the possibility that God does not exist. Simply put, these thoughts are evil and the good people they are not permitted under any circumstances. (A valuable related resource: David Green). Something similar happened in my Spain in 1973 or Chile in my 1960, but surely we are changing and so will the Costa Ricans in the future. Fortunately all this has left a positive thing for me because I have to be documented and I find that so many intelligent people have bothered to study deeply the philosophical thinking of all ages to wield the reasons on the basis of humanistic approach.

With joy I’ve heard that atheists and humanists in Spain are approximately 20% of the population, which automatically ended with the feeling of loneliness I felt when I was meditating on the theme of God’s existence. I loved reading the book of my “relative” Bertrand Russell entitled “Why I Am Not a Christian” and was struck by the amount of knowledge from all eras and cultures that Russell was driving and made their deductions were so convincing and so well argued. Having said that and acknowledging the admiration I feel for those teachers of philosophy do not think it essential to have this immense amount of knowledge to conclude that God does not exist. For me it is a matter of simple logic, any mortal (ie, all), applying the basic knowledge acquired in school education, watching science programs on television or usufruct of the vast source of information is the Internet, really hard not to conclude that the subject is a fiction, the largest ever told, but honestly fiction ultimately see more good than harm if people are able to discard beliefs that keep them subservient and individuals become truly free. Blessed 20% (and will continue to grow …

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