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Posted by John Sommers on 1st May 2013 in General

The online store Amazon has announced that book for Kindle sales already exceed those of traditional formats. Without a doubt, its electronic reader is becoming the best-selling appliance and agree consumers, the Kindle is the best e-reader on the market. The fear that had publishers is overcoming of that sell e-books at a low price would damage the market. Instead, selling ebooks on the internet has made it possible to reach other groups of consumers, especially the new generations that are at the forefront of technology. Also, the writers have also found a way of reaching a greater number of consumers in their works. Amanda Hocking is one of these writers, who at age 26 has already sold more than 100, 000 books for Kindle, so finding a lucrative business. Stieg Larsson, author of the Millenium saga is another success story in this nascent industry of electronic books, who went on to sell more than one million books online. The demand for books for Kindle are has tripped. It is the new object of desire. While most of the texts are in English language, Amazon already allows publishers selling books in Spanish language. It is also possible to get books for Kindle for speaking in virtual libraries as users

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