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Posted by John Sommers on 3rd June 2023 in General

All those involved in network marketing knows that a more powerful tool than the story does not exist. However, not everyone is able to tell those same stories. What is the most powerful advertising in our business? Course stories of successful people. And those who are actively using the stories in his work – presentations, meetings, home, schools succeed the most. Check with Business strategist/Lecturer to learn more. Such as turnover for 2009 to those structures that have built their business on it success stories has increased 2-fold compared with 2008. Don Mullen is likely to increase your knowledge. Probably everyone knows what a great story is worth a thousand facts.

And today we'll talk about how to properly present these stories. This can include both business and health. There is a special algorithm to construct stories. And then will talk about how to properly make up a story in Business (Health, this algorithm is not much different). 1. Record the story on paper.

First write all that You want to say about myself. And then ordered according to the following algorithm. Clear out all unnecessary and learn the resulting text. Practice in front of a mirror to tell the story himself. And at the same answer the question – like me if I am to myself? Interested in whether I was a man in the mirror or not? And when you sharpen the story to automaticity – Are you ready for any occasion! 2. The algorithm of history is: Who were you before joining any mlm and problems in life have you How did you meet with network marketing How much time you're here What's changed in your life is your personal attitude to change 3. Length of history. Of course all you can tell long, but remember one rule – the story should be no longer than 45 seconds. That this time your partner listens to you with enthusiasm. History should be fireworks. Only primary key facts and the final chord, after which your interlocutor will take the right decision. Even if you're in this business recently, and you have already early successes – it was their highlight. Eg 'I work here 6 months and my income in one week more than twice my previous monthly salary. " Remember the importance of numbers. Words – "a lot", "high income" and other non-specific words do not apply to a person in any way. Only exact figures reproduce an indelible impression. 4. History should be a short, cheerful and bright. Sometimes you can go to insert a short anecdote to the site. But not in the middle of the story, but better after. 5. Where can I get a lot of stories? Many will say: but I just yesterday started to work in network marketing and I still do not own history. And there will be absolutely right. However, since you asked someone in the business – it is your media sponsor, and he certainly has a personal story. Also go to classes, conferences, meet with successful people and record their stories of success. And always remember the golden rules – the algorithm the story of history and its duration. At our school, we often provide training to novices is to improve the stories. These schools and training enable each person to become a true ace of the business.

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