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That wonder when we see the celebrities in the red carpet, in the covers of the so handsome magazines, so perfect, so perfectly made up. With the aid of professionals of the beauty he is much more simple to shine a perfect maquillaje of celebrity but the certain thing is that the majority is faithful to their style; logically they adapt its maquillaje to the situation and the event but mantiendo the basic points of its maquillaje. We are going to see the Maquillaje de Charlize Theron, with its characteristic blue eyes, white skin and blond hair is one of celebritys of cold temperature that better knows like harnessing its characteristics. We could say that its maquillaje of newspaper is rather a maquillaje by day, we analyze the characteristics of the same. Cameron chooses in all maquillajes a maquillaje base that although if is certain that it covers and it leaves the skin perfectly prepared emphasizes the whiteness of his face. In the pmulos it returns to harness his cold temperature applying pink tones. It is important to apply colorete right in the zone of pmulo leaving the bone free of pmulo since that zone is a point of light of the face. In order to make up the eyes it has chosen very well the shades, first has applied to a tone awkward person in all the eyelid, in this way we were able to skirt the eye and to give volume him.

In order to give light to the glance it has applied to a shade color hemstitches right under the eyebrow, in this way it is able to raise and to enlarge the glance. In order to give intensity marida it has chosen to eye-liner black that has applied right in the final end of the eyelid, thus giving but intensity and volume to the eyelashes. Eye-liner is a product very used between celebritys since it allows to obtain fine or wide outlines but with the advantage that pays attention very well to the skin, since it is a product long play. We remember that this Maquillaje of the Celebrities is a maquillaje by day, very smooth. In the lips it has chosen a bar of lips with a touch of gloss of a very natural tone; it is a tone similar to the color of the lip but a little more intense. With that color it secures a calidez touch, in other occasions we have seen however it shine a red lip what contributes coldness even more to the face thus harnessing its white complexion. The final touch is the illumination. In order to illuminate the face and to obtain look of celebrity it is important to in the end apply to a product illuminator or in dust or cream.

In this case ours celebrity Cameron shines a dust illuminator we know, it because the result much more natural and less is marked. The illuminator is due to apply right in the bone of pmulo, the chin and upon the eyebrows. With all these simple steps we obtained a Maquillaje of the divine but natural Celebrities, that is to say.

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