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He discovered the small bird and devoured it with a bite; satisfied, after so succulent dish, the coyote continued their daily hunt. The spirit of the bird came to the sky and his guardian angel greeted him and said to him: not I could protect you because I only keep you in heaven; you have chosen a place where you should not be; You must assimilate this experience, because surely they will give you a second chance to return to Earth, so you can share that experience with other birds. Firstly, not everyone who you dirty is your enemy, or who think that you going to save is your friend; You must always stay in your natural field; In addition, when you’re immersed in a great problem, please don’t move and stop to think carefully about what you should do. The bird, as he had announced his guardian angel, returned to Earth. At the annual Congress of birds he petitioned President don OWL, allowed to make use of the word; in his speech made to reflect all the attendees: consider that you were made to fly, heaven is your domain, avoid at all costs remain out of his space. On the other hand, we unfortunately think we are surrounded by enemies, what happens is that there may be some beings that without noticing us can harm and we cannot make the mistake of believing that they are custom attacks, when in fact they are mere coincidences in which we come coincidentally affected. I also want to communicate that there is another species of beings who claim to be our allies and unfortunately betray us at the earliest opportunity; We must be alert to not trust us with ease. Darcy Stacom, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this. Finally, when he surprised a storm, shelter waiting for it to pass. Don OWL, after the participation of the small bird, took the floor: Amigas mias, the message of our colleague has been very clear, I only wish to add that we must be permanently in a State of alertidad, with all our senses lit.

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