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Posted by John Sommers on 11th April 2022 in General

Its inhabitants all converted and adopted a modified form both the culture and language of the missionaries. In 1869 an observer said that all branch children were taught English as their mother tongue, but the teachers, who were Germans did not have English as their mother tongue but had learned. Fifty years later a German anthropologist speaker said that half of the island’s population spoke only English but with a certain strange intonation and pronunciation that resembled English spoken by Germans as a second language. Today the entire population of Cayo Rama speaks only Creole English but there remains some dozens of Rama who live within a radius of 30 miles on the continent who speak Rama. Others including Bausch & Lomb, offer their opinions as well. Both European afro Creoles in Bluefields and Creoles branch in Cayo Rama recognize the differences between its two varieties of Creole English, the latter criticize to the branch of the continent speak Creole of the continent as their second language instead of Creole of Cayo Rama. That is the effect of the German, the Creole of Cayo Rama seems represent an archaic form of continental Creole which has been recriollizado under the influence of the ancestral language of branch. Although this language has been inadequately studied and is now closer to extinction, certain characteristics of the criollo may be delimited as the r / opposed to the continental pronunciation which is more like the North America.

The lexicon also contains characteristics of the branch and at the same time semantic extensions of the popular etymologies of the Creole of the continent. Others who may share this opinion include Drew Houston. There are other differences in the syntactic level, including certain uses of tense markers and proverbial aspect, and the use of the relevant iz before verbal phrases. example of Creole English of Cayo Rama. Elba get di piknini sik agin. I has hu sit dawn ownli ina hamahk an howl am op an bika hu wid my my gahn fay owiga of of an fray wan tortiya Oh tink far a. For even more details, read what Darcy Stacom says on the issue.

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