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Posted by John Sommers on 13th August 2016 in General

– The geographical location, determinant, especially if we are in a population located in a reference area under vines, which must be preserved but not abuse if possible. – The preparation of staff serving the key aspect of wine service. It is not the wine to have teachers who treat customers with documentary trim excess multiple wine regions and vintages, but a basic knowledge of those that are offered in the letter and simply and with few words, may explain, that is sell. 1.2 The Customer should be aware that customer satisfaction is our number one goal if we want our business profitable. We placed our local acclimated and to direct you to a kind of audience which attends.

If satisfied, always more likely to welcome him back. The wine list, in short, that relationship on the part of local products on sale, should be directed to the public visit us, becoming a tool to support significant sales. If the customer understands that letter and get accurate information on products offered, and also they are correctly presented in terms of their tastes, the sale will be facilitated. Consumers will enjoy a wine is not only consumed but also from the time you make your selection on the menu. Even if the public is often heterogeneous, we can always establish minimum standards to help us manage the wine list for you. We could enumerate: – economic or activity level. Would be quick to think that higher level, we would establish a wine list of more money.

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