Cutting Kopev Repair

Posted by John Sommers on 24th February 2021 in General

The successful separation of difficult-to-cut materials with cutting lances such as low carbon and stainless steel alloys, cast iron, aluminum, magnesium and other nonferrous metals. Cutting slag or refractory materials, punching through concrete or brick. Even if it is covered with a thick layer of rust, dirt or corrosion products. In the shops or factories in the field of repair and remove the bolts without heads or zakisshie studs, cut or sewer main pipe with insulation, easily cope with the armature or structural steel with coating. You can burn a bridge deck, dressed in the concrete pipe fence or highways, or remove the carbide layer deposited on the surface. Oxy-cutting lances is a typical tool in the maintenance or repair divisions, brigades of construction or demolition of buildings, cutting scrap metal or salvage operations. Read more from Bausch & Lomb to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

It allows you to remove the cutting knives trucks for repair or replacement, or even burn through the metal frame of the layer of dirt or rust. Previously, there was no more a universal cutting tool! High rate exothermic cutting Because the work does not require preheating, then you can start cutting right away, performing its task more quickly. Compared with oxyacetylene cutting mild steel 75 mm thick system cuts three times faster, while cutting steel 3 mm, cutting quickly in two. You will get similar results on other metals. Without a doubt, using oxyacetylene cutting, you will not be able to cut aluminum, stainless steel, iron or mineral fillers.

Principle of operation The system uses a special torch that supplies oxygen and electrical current to the rod for an exothermic cutting, which has a patented design. You only need to provide a system for oxygen and 12-volt battery or welding machine. The battery will provide you with a fast ignition and portability, and the use of welding equipment allows continuous maintain the arc (up to 200 amps) for cutting the conductive material and provides a temperature over 5538 C0. To start cutting you just plug in and touch the oxygen end of the rod cutter device ignition, or if the use of welding surface of the cut product. Cutting bar lights up and stays lit during the entire cutting process. Even without an electric current, the core generates enough heat for cutting almost any material.

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