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Posted by John Sommers on 4th August 2016 in General

Reasonable balance between energy efficiency and productivity necessary Serrig, April 13, 2012 – Green Production has become a central theme of all manufacturing industries, often consists in the company but still no sufficient clarity on the specific strategic approaches. Werner Felten, Managing Director of FELTEN group has therefore outlined theories on the development of energy management in the production from the practical point of view: 1 the focus on energy-saving measures will very rapidly to develop: energy costs are rising significantly stronger than staff costs already for quite some time. Differently than they were during previous strategies, as companies to reduce costs have partially shifted their production in low-wage countries, such way out is blocked by law in the case of energy costs because of the world’s relatively similar price levels. Instead an unavoidable and also urgent action forced emerged for the company of virtually all manufacturing industries, the topic of saving energy specifically to take care of. Already a significant part of the Manufacturing has also actually already recognized these needs, this is also a recent comparison study of FELTEN group.

However the concrete measures for improving energy efficiency are lagging behind somewhat still the General intentions. 2. energy efficiency will surpass the production efficiency as a strategic issue: the strategic goals in managing production, especially on an increase in productivity and efficiency, focused for years so the inevitably rising energy costs force to a significant rethinking towards energy efficiency. This is reflected even in the market, where in about two-thirds of all sales calls now energy management plays a central role. This is not always equivalent to a concrete decision to invest in appropriate solutions, but it describes very well the current preferences. 3. it will move not only the technical systems, but also the production processes at the Center: confounding factors in the processes that lead to the reworking or increased Committee, inevitably also negatively affect the energy balance.

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