Functional And Weatherproof Sports Wear

Posted by John Sommers on 4th May 2014 in General

To the delight of every dog owner in bad weather in the foreground is the idea emerged to offer funktionel and praktiche clothing. There is no bad weather, only incorrect clothing. Is true! Ambitious dog owners and discerning dog athletes require jackets and trousers with following features: weather resistant, durable, practical and comfortable. To get all the requirements under a hat the company DOGGER from Erbach has taken on this challenge. With success: The DOGGER Gilet about has quickly become a bestseller. Many elaborate details into those dog sports guide vest, coupled with technological State of the art materials.

In this way, wind, rain or heat or a conglomeration of training accessories can dampen the enjoyment of the sport of dog. Dog Guide vest, dog sport vest or jacket: breathable materials that together act as optimal weather protection provide for the maximum comfort of the DOGGER outdoor clothing. The special 3-layer construction and the Teflon Outer fabric to protect against moisture, as well as from wind. The new COOLVENT lining from a 3D-Entluftungsgewebe that ensures a stable temperature balance is unique. Who is involved with his dog on axis, wants to feel comfortable not only freely, but have the hands free. Time and again, the question arises: where with treats, ball, cell phone, keys, and training accessories? “, We know that the ideal dog sport vest or jacket with many pockets must be equipped”, says managing director Oliver Baier (46). He trains dogs for over 20 years. Outside and inside the DOGGER Gilet dog sport vest with two front and through back pockets, a chest pocket with Velcroverschluss for the ball and various extra pockets offers more than enough space.

The ultra-light model Sahara is recommended for hot summer days. The DOGGER concept is simple as it is brilliant: dog sportsman himself best know must meet what needs dog sports clothes. Therefore, DOGGER in the works Development of its outdoor clothing not only with international professionals, such as the Swiss runner-up in the Mondioring Rene Sagarra, together: “the experience of German and Swiss dog trainers also incorporated into our products and service dog trainers and leaders”, explains Oliver Baier. On the homepage there are all models at a glance – equal to the orders – with detailed explanation. The programme is rounded off with a selection of accessories.

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