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Posted by John Sommers on 1st August 2016 in General

First, the motorcycle taxi is a public health problem if one takes into account the high accident rates of those who are mobilized in these vehicles. Without the protection offered by cars or buses, the driver or passenger of motorcycle is exposed to all possible risks, which is why an accident in another vehicle only minor injuries result in it ends up causing serious injury and, in many cases, death. Second is a problem of social order. Although no exact figures are estimates that much of the nearly two million motorcycles riding through the streets of Colombia and careers are dedicated to this business of living. It should be noted that each car represents an entry, the only driver and another (not always the only source of income) to the owner. The large number of people (not just men) engaged in the activity of mototaxisamo is a new reason to believe the seriousness of the problem of unemployment in Colombia and especially in the Atlantic Coast and the official figures are increasingly encouraging. In Third is a phenomenon with a very important economic component.

The fleet has grown substantially in all our cities and towns But more motorcycles in the hands of drivers also means more sales of spare parts, more workshops, more mechanical. Anyway, here are a stimulus for the economy with its own multiplier effect. The case is not so simple and therefore can not be resolved with a decree stating prohibitions and penalties. The solution should be comprehensive and therefore include the treatment and prevention of the accidents, traffic control, affected by an excess of two-wheeled vehicles; solutions to the sensitive issue of unemployment and considerations that do not put aside the economic and acquired human case. As shown, the motorcycle taxi is a substantive problem and should be treated as such.

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