Posted by John Sommers on 25th January 2021 in General

Now that we have almost all the knowledge stored in the form of zeros and ones, our dependence is such (even to communicate) that if the light is going, there is no and there is no way to understand us, then leave us locked up our messages, knowledge, calculations, regulations, ultimately many of our secrets and some that will have to wait another return to the ephemeral digital era to know not only what we have saved, but where we are now. After reviewing our ephemeral cycles history, I think that someday may be the repetition of the trauma that tell us about what happened in the Kingdom of Babel. Nuances may be different but the results would be the same, because someday could be let out light and that we found with the circumstance of not having those boxes at our that they transform back and forth in a tumult of forces are pushing each other anything around then would the digital memory and perhaps thenWe had to start again.. .

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