La Quebrada

Posted by John Sommers on 9th April 2014 in General

The Feast occurs each September, at the former hacienda La Quebrada, district of San Luis de Canete, South of Lima. However, as y2jentdotcom184 says. com MX. the Chinese and Koreans who have taken over and tasted in their homes of rat meat seasoned with spices brought from their countries, black mushrooms and other accompaniments. Chinese and Koreans bring in their cargo ships acquired Russian caviar cans of smuggled into markets in Gdansk (the former Danzig), Sevastopol, Riga and other places in Eastern Europe, and change a couple of cans by a sack full of cats. It is added, that is difficult is to engage in a conversation with the Chinese on how to prepare the cats, since they just smile and admit only that, by tradition and habit, cats and dogs are consumed in their country. Hence the bad joke that says that the Chinese, which runs above ground, only locomotives, don’t eat while sea only submarines are rejected. Algiers has thus become a city without cats, which makes suppose that rodents also feel comfortable and proliferate without problems, so it would be missing that here recurrence of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Chinese and Koreans are still cooking cats for their own consumption, whose meat, if you don’t have aphrodisiac qualities, Yes appears to have other merits for being one of the most exquisite in the Asian environment. About this sad reality, 21st century, animalpeoplenews. org. points out that the faces of dogs and cats waiting to be eaten, in the market of Moran, in the outskirts of Seoul, capital of South Korea, is more painful that can imagine an advocate for wildlife. The silence of animals dehydrated and desperate is something unforeseen within the expected shock. Most of the dogs may bark, but just do it. Only a few scattered animals of purebred and a puppy trying to gnaw the end of a nylon rope that swings up, feed the hope that anything can go different.

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