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Married it has thirty years with the first boyfriend, two adult children already and independent, Samara, lived an agonizing marriage has some time, and that it only came to die definitively about one year. The problems, the sadnesses were many, frustrations and hurts, what an emotional disequilibrium caused it very great, allowing that it enxergasse a solution, neither did not have courage to take the attitude certain, that is, the definitive separation of its husband. The hope died and its body felt, and died all more fast the times that Samara, looked in the mirror and saw the scar that earned, when it and the husband, had exceeded the limits of the tolerance, patience and respect, leaving for the physical aggression. This cost it twelve points in the shoulder and left clear the certainty of the end. Led for the children to the hospital, who nor imagined what really she had happened, Samara had two concerns, not to leave that the children knew and polices not to involve it. It insisted with the nurses and I medicate with it that it took care of to it, that had slid and wounded the shoulder in the door handle of the door, repeating the same estria for a policeman who if found in the hospital.

He entered in panic alone to think about the possibility of its children, its family and friends, were knowing that it had fond of it finishes step of the humilhao and the failure. It, the husband, who nor to the hospital was, he disappeared per one week, and when he came back, if he carried as if nothing he had happened. During this week, Samara she was completely disoriented until it perceived that it did not have another choice not to be to try of new, to reconstruct its marriage, a time that would not have as if to keep alone, did not have profession and nor more age to start a professional life and to depend on pension of the husband would be humilhante excessively.

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