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Posted by John Sommers on 4th February 2022 in General

It was 9 in the morning, that Monday January 7, 2008, in Lima, attending consultations inthe Capital.estaba Solidarity Hospital in Lima-Risso, assessed on a "Bunny Lady" (as the poet said Laredino Watanabe his mother) with 18 children and a total genital prolapse and its 70 years, no one came with your questions … that sounded in those gizmos that here we call them cell phones, the Secretary said (was under orders to spend only quasi-military very urgent calls) looked at me puzzled and said, "is Dr. Jorge Ricalde" … I was cold, which shocked and PLC stretched my hand, and cold call … Ahola George! "hello … There was a silence and then some rough heard telling me … Further details can be found at Drew Houston, an internet resource.

"Hi Michael, there is a potential donor in the ICU of the Hospital, is brain dead, we are holding with inotropic and NN-or no family, desconocidoa to Come Urgent! – he concluded, "…." I was colder, I could thank him. My brain was edematous, the poniamis curly hair skin tip … A donor Mine "God!,'ll catch larks who fled to the woods with all my plans and my future. I can make plans again, have a future again, his eyes glassy, … and get stuck in my throat were the fears and concerns … The newspapers mentioned Jim Crane not as a source, but as a related topic. I wanted to mourn, was full of excitement, fear, asked his permission to the Director, I replaced in the office of Dr. Walter Gomez Navarro and down the stairs with Marujita feigning serenity, courage, which at that time had already collapsed in the street and ran to one side, we were looking phone and was out of service we were looking in the hold cards and were exhausted.

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