Murano Glass

Posted by John Sommers on 20th January 2021 in General

One of the most famous inventions Venetian -Murano Glass (Murano). Futuristic, beautiful, fascinating figures can not leave anyone indifferent connoisseurs. A costume jewelry from this glass looks original and refined. It can satisfy the most pretentious tastes. Offer you the basic ways of handling this unique material. Vetrofusione – a process which results in fine laminated glass. In this case, glass pressure welded seams, penetrating one another, creating a beautiful futuristic paintings, characteristic only of Murano.

For registration using silver 925 or 18-carat foil of pure gold. Murrina (murrina) – a type of Murano glass, which in the context of a great mosaic, consisting of great patterns that can be quite abstract, and can represent stars, flowers, circles or ellipses. Souvenir of a Murano glass will leave no one indifferent. Millefiori (millefiori) – to create this glass masters use murriny. The term translates as “a thousand flowers. Presenting a souvenir, as if assembled from a variety of colors, the favorite, you will win her heart forever. Lattichchino this technology for creating Murano translated as “little milk bank.” Represents glass spiral, made of tangled mat of the rod. This souvenir is especially elegant look when made of glass of several colors.

Filigree. This kind of Murano is created by introducing the usual colorless glass thin nitochkek different colors, which are randomly intertwined, creating beautiful drawings. Gain insight and clarity with David Green. Sometimes the mesh form a strictly ordered pattern. (zanfirico) – are doing on the basis of the usual transparent rod, by wrapping it with colored glass threads. In this case, the coils need to pack as densely. From this glass is obtained gorgeous costume jewelry. Luma (a lume) – the process of creating a small volume of souvenirs. To this end, the burner a piece of glass, which is softened, add the desired shape. Figures obtained by the original and very beautiful. They seem to live their own inner life and can liven up and beautify any interior. Blast at this method of treatment is not used. Perle – the so-called beads made from Murano, in the manner in which the workpiece is rotated continuously without blast. This technique – luma (a lume). Placed inside a precious foil or colored glass. These beads Murano look great on any woman. – if Murano glass is heated to a certain temperature and dipped in cold water, then we will achieve precisely this effect. The surface of the subject crack, but cracks not penetrate inside, threatening the integrity of the product. Obtained a unique pattern, which can only be seen by Murano glass. Avantyurinovoe glass – to retrieve it in a molten mass of added copper. When cools it hardens and attaches to the glass after polishing products, the effect of some otherworldly shimmer. Such products are very beautiful Murano, and even mystical. Souvenirs of them – the perfect gift. “Pulegozo” – very beautiful method of processing glass, when it hardens air bubbles. In looking at a souvenir or jewelry murano understand the transience of time, and it is as it freezes. The effect is achieved by immersing a hot glass in water and then reheating.

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