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Posted by John Sommers on 16th December 2013 in General

But it has an occasion where this discrete personage will be, without a doubt, remembered: when ' ' passa' ' an error in the text. It has who sends it messages, in the proper text, requesting of ' ' Sir revisor' ' attention the specific aspects of the writing. As if it some day was to answer in the same way. It has also who believes that the copyholder is a frustrate writer. It corrects? ' ' vermelha&#039 puts the penxs; ' text of others because it does not have ability to write. Already I even read this of somebody of certain approach form. I commented what it wrote.

It did not answer me until today. I, for example, also revise and write. always I ask for another copyholder to read my text. Necessary, yes, of opinion of other reader to know what it understands of what I wrote and to adjust will be necessary. Somebody is a cowardice to direct it that cannot answer the same in vehicle.

Especially if the people who leem can have a vision of this individual that is not the true one. is not! When revising, always I take in consideration two things: 1. What the person whom it wrote, my friend of work, is not white of chacotas on the part of people who look errors and try to answer do not stop helping, but disqualifying who writes e, consequentemente, the information vehicle? the periodical; 2. That the reader can to understand perfectly what it is being tried to say. This is most important! This must be above of any pride of style on the part of who writes. After all, without reader, nor we need to write! Therefore, it is not with torture pleasure that the red penxs takes a walk for a text. Another attention that the copyholder also needs to have is that the periodical presents a hybrid language, who is in the way way enters it the most monitored, that if guideline for the standardized norm of the language, and the popular one, exempts and spoken. Thus, when it says registering it of the people, not if it can have a cold text, stricto sensu. The periodicals still need very copyholders. The confection of a periodical is not simple. It is a dynamic process and it demands agility, because the notice in one day is written to distribute it knot another one. It is an environment of much running? the short stated periods are e, therefore, it also has occasions where some pages do not obtain to pass for the revision. One day I commented that never I imagined that would feel adrenalin in high making revision. But this happens in a writing. E, my there expensive, the errors appear. Guilt of who? I, particularly, affirm that if they do not have to look culprits. After all, in principle, the copyholder does not write nothing. E, when ' ' vermelha&#039 puts the penxs; ' , it makes this to help its colleagues in the writing, so that they do not run the risk to be estigmatizados or to leave the reader without understanding. Many aspects could be treated on this. Who knows one day the copyholder will be able to have voice another time. After all, we also exist and are human, we erramos and we make right as all, and we know of this, for incredible seems. Sandro Xavier – doutorando in lingustica and copyholder Braziliense Post office, Notebook Opinion, in 25 of July of 2011

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