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Posted by John Sommers on 15th July 2020 in General

What you think of the Business Online? Is it your goal to be a digital entrepreneur? How do you think that they will change the Internet business life? What are the business? -All people have a preconceived idea of what is business: is a legal activity by which wealth is generated. Roughly seriauna definition of business; of course we are thinking about business profitable, successful, and which deserves punishment is used in them with generosity and dedication. Until not so long ago, set up a business supposed to: important economic investment depending on the business, multiple legal paperwork, physical location (local, Office, etc.) also, products or materials that are needed for that business in particular: is materialpara Office, products to a store, or other necessary materials. You must not dispose of the time that is used to put walking a business with all these obstacles, and since it has begun operating, expect business to be profitable and we can grow on the goals that we have set ourselves. The Statistics say that in the first two years, 80% of new businesses miss the closure by unprofitable, its planning is not correct, or its location is not appropriate.

All this could have prevented if had previously done a market study seriously about the business that you want to create: the demand of the internal market, the appropriate location, and also competition. Of course that without these three fundamental studies, any business that is mounted, has a high percentage of failing miserably. Seen thus, offline businesses represent a very large effort for a person decides that it is his goal and come out victorious. For more specific information, check out Randall Mays. However, today Luckily we have other means to reach that goal we propose: there are computers, there is Internet, and of course millions of Internet users willing to communicate, find information, or do business. What simpler and at the same time complex that is the internet!. Something that until not many years ago we saw it as a utopia, but is a tool so daily as read the newspaper, travel by car, or watch television; Internet gives endless possibilities to all its users, and if we apply it to Online businesses, where we reach?. Online businesses have the virtues of Offline, but without its ballast: business Offline Business Online – lot investment minimum investment – physical Office original author and source of the article

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