Pigment Packages

Posted by John Sommers on 14th May 2019 in General

Flexographic printing inks for printing on the packages consist mainly of the following four components: – pigments or dyes (as coloring components) – tie (for securing or fixing) pigments or dyes on the surface of the material – supporting material (as additives to impart or improve certain properties of durability and performance) – solvents (as a component or adjustment of viscosity and yield). Coloring ingredients in inks for printing on the packages are divided in turn into 3 groups: – colorants – pigments, inorganic organic – carbon black. In accordance with the tasks flexographic ink can be made of basic dyes and metal complex dyes. Dyes have the ability to completely dissolve in some organic solvent. They are very strong and intense in color and give bright-intensive printing ink, with low content of solids. Inks for printing on the packages are made on the basis of the pigments. Pigments are divided into: inorganic and manufactured synthetic organic way. Inorganic pigments are carbon-free, occur in nature.

Lightfastness data pigment is exceptional resistance to technical and chemical load is limited and due to their natural origin is unaffected. Range of colors is small. Certain hues are "naturally cloudy" and "opaque" to the small thickness of the paint layer, for machine These pigments are considered "difficult". Organic pigments are made only synthetically and are mostly carbon compounds, the desired resistance can be varied or programmed by manufacture. There is a wide palette of pure and intense hues, is also transparent, for machining these pigments are considered "measurable". Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with wendi murdoch. The choice determines the quality of the pigment ink. Organic and in a small amount of inorganic pigments are used for the manufacture of flexographic inks. These pigment ink have a good flow, but compared with paints, dyes, more viscous and have a more high content of solids.

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