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It is preparation to start off for the eternity? Fernando Alexis Jimnez He watched the clock. Hardly the five in the morning. Not yet he began to clarear. It was beginning of the year and the sun behind schedule woke up between mountains, somnoliento and sluggish. Another day more .

, complained Carlos and unfruitfully gave average return in the bed, trying to cancel the dream. It failed in its attempt, and one occurred by won. This week seems interminable, murmured in front of the mirror, in the bathroom while the hand went through the face, calculating the growth of the beard. It concluded that the best thing would be to shave itself. It had taken several leaves of calendar. The life him it turned into a cork turning in the periphery of a stormy water eddy. It thought that it did not have sense to live.

Everything was to him equal from monotonous. It did not find difference between a Sunday cheers and carnival, and rainy Monday when it had to go to the work. Long days, darkened, color I seal with lead -You return early of the work? -, him her mother asked when the young person get ready to leave. – I do not know, mother. Perhaps it takes an ice cream with Marcela; but I do not believe that we delay because I must rise early. Tomorrow we have technical committee in the company, and as she is the manager, we must arrive precise –. The vest adjusted, it was placed the helmet and the glasses, and left without greater ceremony, worried by the time. Unlike other occasions, the motorcycle ignited without greater effort. The boy went quickly towards the viaduct. He wanted to soon arrive at the factory Their plans were truncated when a truck that it tried to advance to another vehicle, closed the step to him.

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