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The materials used in this work throughout the period of training had been texts that relate the substance with boarded subjects in 7 series and that they interest the pupils, for example, ' ' Why we sweat? ' ' , ' ' There! Ui! I am ardendo! ' ' ' ' Why we feel cimbra? ' ' (texts of the magazine Science Today of the Children) texts that bring the subjects on the human body in a simple language that approaches the substance of day-by-day of the reader, and illustrative making that the educandos learn the content and not only they decorate the scientific terms and concepts. It is a way to approach the science of day-by-day of our pupils, being made that they perceive that that we are studying are the anatomy and physiology of our body, understanding all the processes that occur in it. The search for texts that approach educating of the substance short while demands of the professor a time for search and choice of material, becoming these difficult activities since in the didactic book already it has the substance that we have to teach. However, it is rewarding to see in the face of each one of the pupils the pleasure in studying, arguing, and to observe the substance that is being worked of a clearer and contextualizada form with its reality and, for this all done effort valley the penalty. The studies presented in this article demonstrate to the importance of in agreement reading some cited authors, giving emphasis of as contextualizados texts assist the educandos in the learning process, presenting stories of students of a group of seventh series whom they prove how much this methodology brings resulted satisfactory. The importance of the Reading To read is more than what decoding of words, phrases and texts. It is necessary reflection, interpretation of what he is being read so that if it does not become an alienation exercise and yes that the person searchs an understanding contextualizada.

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