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Posted by John Sommers on 3rd December 2013 in General

In the branch of the security it publishes is not run away to this rule, therefore to each day in this science that if it renews constantly, and of extreme necessity that its professionals, agents fiscalizadores and applicators of the laws, are brought up to date, enabled and trained well to act with excellency of quality in the service given to> contributor. Therefore and perceived that the self-defense and essential in the qualification of these professionals of security publishes. To appraise self-defense of form more clearer nothing and that, a set of you vary techniques of the millenarian martial arts (karate, kung fu, judo, jiu jutsu and etc.) and native of Koreas (rapkido, taekwondo, etc) if based in the methods and techniques of attack, defense and immobilizations. Already said Sun Tzu um exercises well trained has great possibilities to win a battle , that they had been adjusted to be used for the security professionals. The objectives of the self-defense only go beyond what learning techniques of the martial arts, and percebivel the improvement of the mental physical conditioning, emotional spiritual and of the trainee, therefore with it practises it continues of the self-defense practising the anger to perfect its psicomotoras abilities, its physical valences becoming a person with the body and has lain stronger apt to resist and to surpass the difficulties day to day, absorbing a bigger emotional control, giving the capacity to it to react of form tranquila more with the maximum of responsibility and efficiency in inherent adverse situations its funcao.APOSTILA SELF-DEFENSE – GMI – JACKSON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS – SGT PMBAHIA – MAY – 20102 CONCEITOS2.1 What self-defense? According to Albuquerque Colonel (PMRN) For many, self-defense means physical violence or the necessity of defending in them of aggression using of physical violence.

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