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Posted by John Sommers on 15th January 2014 in General

By There are a Colombian company currently has major investment opportunities to perform, and is seeking funding for this purpose. The company has raised the possibility of looking for fresh funds in the Colombian capital market, but not shown too convinced. He knows that in a market like the Colombian capital, shallow and short liquidity, find limited funding, and will face a financial cost to their expectations too high. In addition, should open its capital to the Colombian stock market, low liquidity of the information could result in significant volatility in trading that does not coincide with the actual situation of the company and would create unwarranted doubts about the health of it . That is why, after a detailed analysis and to the many disadvantages for her contributions in the local market, the Colombian company decided to try to try his luck in the U.S.

capital markets. Many Latin American companies with the best conditions foreign stock markets, decided to contribute in these markets and do so in local markets. In this respect is that, for several years that Latin American markets are looking for ways to gain in breadth and depth, not only to recover to these companies that decided to try their luck in the stock exchanges in the first world, but also to encourage many other, large, medium or small-enlist and increasing choice for investors. So have advanced, among other things in their regulation and incentives to contribute and ensure liquidity in the papers contributors.

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