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Posted by John Sommers on 14th August 2016 in General

Means this, dear reader, that the Latin American Internet is a gateway or shopping centre where pass 173 million people, who need certain products and/or services for their daily life, and probably entering Internet to find what they need, in the comfort of your home, Office or any Internet cafe. Then, someone can offer them, you could be you? Are 173 million customers to whom we can offer our products or services, and every day there will be more customers, is an endless row is a great inexhaustible market and this, at the tip of our hand, only there to know and take the necessary steps to have your web site seller, showing your products or services to that great mass of 173 million people. Eye, and other areas of the globe where people speak Spanish, or Spanish-speaking communities in other countries where the official language is not Spanish are not included, but there are plenty of Spanish speakers. Make a few accounts as an example of this: taking into account the Latin American market, we have 173 million Internet users; are potentially 173 million customers for electronic commerce; Suppose that your Web site seller may attract attention just 1%, who are 1.730.000 people, of these, 1% will make you an effective purchase, i.e., 17.300 shopping will have to say $30 each, proving this to you an additional income of $519.000, not this nothing bad. This is the first reason why you can sell online: grab your slice of this cake of 173 million buyers. In the physical world, that would also be very difficult to get a (Avenue, market, block or Mall) site where pass, circulating or walk 173 million customers, is also difficult and expensive to open a business to sell products or services. It is necessary, among other things: 1.-rent or buy a commercial. 2 Conditioned premises.

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