Strikes: Death And Repression

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While price stock the owners of the firm (mainly English and German) earned a gross of more than 100,000,000 dollars annually, forestry workers were exploited and had no medical attention. Many lived in huts that they built. In some populations 80 of those who died stock market were under 35 years and 90 of the population suffering from diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. These workers were paid only with food (often only mate and bread) for days to 12 hours a day. Where an area of forest land was completely cleared, the company out of business leaving thousands stranded and unemployed households, which leads to the absolute decline of the stock quote people.
The great workers’ struggles against the company in 1919 and stock trading began to work with the anarchists of the FORA besides free trade unionists and socialists. The first strike in the month of July was an increase in demand of wage, hours of work only 8 hours and the suspension of mass stock compulsory redundancies.
The second strike took place between December 1919 and January 1920, in which the government mobilized soldiers Infantry Regiment N 12 buy stock with a seat in Rosario.
The third strike in the Forest 1921 was the most important and ended with a savage repression, where the “Gendarmeria wheel” and other formations with impunity parapolice sponsored by the government of Hipolito Yrigoyen despotically acted with a toll of 19 dead and hundreds of leaders exchange strikers sentenced to jail. In the book of capataz Aniceto Barrientos recorded as follows: ‘the dead piled one on another, he stuck the knife in the neck if you were alive, from that day, were afraid to return to work because we looked with hatred, as if sarnosos we were dogs. The houses were burned and families persecuted until they died or left the territory of The Forest sumiendose in misery.

The Shreveport Times
GM has made a significant step towards reducing the size of today, finding a preliminary deal to sell its Hummer brand. Associated Press source says GM Hummer to sell to the Chinese company.
Naples Daily News
In court today the case of an East Naples woman requires a boat engine manufacturer for a defective motor claims they wouldnt have seriously injured the stock market if they had a simple propeller guard. Sixty-four-year-old Audrey Decker claims the lack of a guard on the engine caused her more damage.
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake County Government labor stock prices organizations may soon face uncomfortable reality: they must square off against each other to determine who plays the dominant role in stock symbol the representation of county employees.

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