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Posted by John Sommers on 22nd June 2019 in General

The quotas can be: ) the perfect ones (perfect cartel): all the companies have the same participation. The administration of the fixed cartel a common price and divides the market equally, acting as a monopolista block. &#039 is the call; ' solution of monoplio' ' ; b) imperfect (imperfect cartel): leader companies exist (that they have so great greater or lesser costs) and that they fix the prices being with the biggest quota. The too much companies agree to following prices that the leader fixes a price that is very low, that could eliminate the too much companies. It is the call Model of Leadership of Prices, where the company (or companies) leader fixes a price that guarantees a monopoly profit to it and excessively they consider this price given (as in perfect competition. For assistance, try visiting Crawford Lake Capital. Example of Oligopoly & ndash; performance of the market of civil aviation, with the great companies GOAL, TAP, TAM, OCEAN AIR, another example is the automobile industry, where the assembly plants are the most faithful example, always disputing the market and the customer, they are Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, the assembly plants native of Koreas and Chinese are in high in the national market, fortifying still more the competition. Monopsnio It is a form of market with only one purchaser innumerable selling, that is, inverse to the case of the monopoly.

She influences the prices of definitive well, varying only the bought amount the company purchaser imposes a price of purchase of the product or service. Examples of market characterized for monopsnio is the presence of a great siderurgical plant in a city, being it only employer of man power. In microeconomy, monopsonistas and oligopsonistas are assumed as maximizadoras companies of profits and take the imperfections of market, which had the restriction of acquired amount, that is a worse situation of what the excellent one of Pareto that would exist in perfect competition.

The Administrator

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In accordance with Chiavenato: Environment is the context that involves the organization external (or the system). It is the situation inside of which an organization is inserted. As the organization is an opened system, it keeps transactions and interchange with its environment. This makes with that everything what it external occurs in the surrounding pass to influence internally what occurs in the organization. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.512).

With respect to the administrative papers it was observed that all are important for evolution of the studied company, noticed that they are well fluentes inside of the organization, therefore all the employees if relate in respectful way between itself. On the basis of the affirmations of Mintzberg (1939, apud IT HISSES, 2007, p.15): ' ' of an administrator the performance of ten papeis&#039 expects; ' different; papers these that are grouped in categories that contemplate specific situations in the administrative scope (interpersonal papers, informacionais papers and decisoriais papers). In other words, the task of oportunizar situations fits to the administrator that favor the relationship and the interaction with other people, the exchange and the processing of information and the taking of decision. Hierarchic levels and managemental abilities 4 FIGURE Source: Adapted of It hisses (2007) In the studied company the conceptual abilities are exerted in the distance, that is, the strategical or institucional level defines strategies, goals and objectives from the matrix and repass they for all the branch offices. The average administration or intermediate level has responsibility to implant and to co-ordinate the politics defined for the strategical level. Responsible for the execution of the tasks, the operational one, guided for the superior levels (Strategical and Tactical) and using specific techniques of its function, it produces goods and services following the standard of quality of the company, looking for to exceed the expectations of its customers. However the ability human being predominates in all the hierarchic levels of the organization, has seen the dexterity of the man to reign in any activity that it needs to carry through in day-by-day.


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