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Alexander McQueen

Posted by John Sommers on 14th February 2021 in General

Then he is possible to notice that an artist and a estilista can be considered two creative elements, being that one creates for the consumption (estilista) and the other for the appreciation (artist). He has the idea where the estilista is also an artist when it assumes the corresponding behavior to each one. (Source: Angelina Jolie). Elsa Schiaparelli, for example, was one of the Italian estilistas greaters that obtained to work with the art and fashion concepts, being created dresses, hats and accessories. According to Mendes and Haye, (2003, P. 95) ' ' Schiaparelli was the first estilista to work with thematic collections. Its clothes were admired by the elegance and perfect finishing, of admirable detalhes' '. In 1965, Yves Saint-Laurent, joined fashion and art when creating the inspired dress tubinho in the works of Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), (that it uses a restricted vocabulary to the vertical lines and horizontal lines and the pure colors). The dress if would become an icon of the fashion.

The fashion festejou the color, the creativity, new geometry and materials. (GARCI’A, 2010). The first possibility is the relation of the artist with the fashion, that if summarizes in the artist who if appropriates of a part of clothes of the fashion she becomes and it in a work of art, modifying its function (changing the structure, giving adereos, among others) becomes, it improper the daily use, therefore, its use alone is conceived in a way, where it could artistic be appreciated. Another example to be mentioned, is Alexander McQueen, the elitist one makes of its clothes a product of the spalling of ideals that folloies the modern society, that questions the proper beauty in search of an ideological beauty of bizarro to revolutionize the order of the typical elegance of high-sews and the great one industry of the confections. (LAMB, 2010) the ideas of the estilista Jum Nakao had surpassed the fashion concept as the simple act to dress clothes.


Posted by John Sommers on 28th April 2017 in General

The materials used in this work throughout the period of training had been texts that relate the substance with boarded subjects in 7 series and that they interest the pupils, for example, ' ' Why we sweat? ' ' , ' ' There! Ui! I am ardendo! ' ' ' ' Why we feel cimbra? ' ' (texts of the magazine Science Today of the Children) texts that bring the subjects on the human body in a simple language that approaches the substance of day-by-day of the reader, and illustrative making that the educandos learn the content and not only they decorate the scientific terms and concepts. It is a way to approach the science of day-by-day of our pupils, being made that they perceive that that we are studying are the anatomy and physiology of our body, understanding all the processes that occur in it. The search for texts that approach educating of the substance short while demands of the professor a time for search and choice of material, becoming these difficult activities since in the didactic book already it has the substance that we have to teach. However, it is rewarding to see in the face of each one of the pupils the pleasure in studying, arguing, and to observe the substance that is being worked of a clearer and contextualizada form with its reality and, for this all done effort valley the penalty. The studies presented in this article demonstrate to the importance of in agreement reading some cited authors, giving emphasis of as contextualizados texts assist the educandos in the learning process, presenting stories of students of a group of seventh series whom they prove how much this methodology brings resulted satisfactory. The importance of the Reading To read is more than what decoding of words, phrases and texts. It is necessary reflection, interpretation of what he is being read so that if it does not become an alienation exercise and yes that the person searchs an understanding contextualizada.


Posted by John Sommers on 20th January 2016 in General

Aiming at overcoming of these limits, some industries treat its effluent ones through the advanced oxidativos processes (POA), characterized for the generation of oxidantes species, strong mainly radical hidroxila (OH.). Among these processes they are distinguished, beyond the treatments that use the iron of valence the zero and ozone, Photo, that consists of a reaction between Fe2+ and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a sufficiently unstable molecule, resulting in the radical hidroxila. This, in turn, reacts with the corante, unchaining the deterioration of the last one. Treatments as absorption, flocculation, chemical degradation, electro and/or photochemistry and biodegradao, information extracted in visit technique company HJ Meshes? Brusque? SC day 20-09-2010. The absorption consists basically of the ticket of the effluent ones in ‘ ‘ barreiras’ ‘ of diverse materials, as silica-gel, bauxite, active coal, among others; not being very used had to its high cost.

The chemical degradation is based on reactions with chlorine or ozone, preferring itself this last one for not leaving residues, is a used process in great volumes of tributaries due its rapidity and economy. As the majority of the industries is of small average has carried this process finishes being of side. The Flocculation nor always is used by having resulted that they vary very depending on the used corante, of the concentration of the rejeitos and the presence of catalysers. The catalysers can facilitate the withdrawal of the pollutants, but these by itself are pollution sources. In the method of the biodegradao a biological agent uses itself, normally bacteria or enzymes, to degrade toxic composites in the effluent ones. But, the synthetic corantes are not of course biodegradveis, being necessary the creation of crossed ancestries of microorganisms so that if it can biodegradar them, something that, even so demands time and research, comes being obtained successfully.

Although attainment of enzymes presents a cost one in such a way how much raised, its use is of bigger easiness, is used in the treatment and effluent peroxidase, catalase, amylase, lacase and tirosinase as information gotten in download of 20 selected writings OQSP 2007, in 09-10-2010. The two first ones are used, isolated or in set, to decompose hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), in waters of not only reject, as well as after the alvejamento of the fabric, therefore the residual H2O2 can compromise the tingimento. The amylase, in turn, is used in the desengomagem, for the division of the starch in glucose and also in the cleanness of effluent when it has residual starch. Although not to have so expressive paper, aid indirectly in the cleanness of effluent because ‘ ‘ substitutos’ ‘ chemistries in the task that exerts (normally acid or bases) are well more pollutant. Already lacase and tirosinase is two removed enzymes of fungos with great utility in the treatment of effluent, even so in different ways. Lacase acts as bacteria above cited, degrading molecules of corante, and, what it is better, obtaining to degrade or the least to facilitate the biodegradao of great part of the synthetic corantes.

Manoela Gavassi

Posted by John Sommers on 18th February 2014 in General

Manoela Gavassi could be any normal adolescent, but simply, it is not. This So Paulo charmosa of only 17 years is simply one of the biggest promises of the national scene pop. Although to be novinha, still more new Manu already was an artist. It wrote its first music to the 14 years and if it remembers of each moment of creation as if it was yesterday. The family always stimulated its talent, financing courses and professors who could help in its career. Although its success to seem sudden, the singer already had its espacinho has some time. As many artists of this new generation, first it made success in the Youtube stops later if becoming popular in other ways.

But what its in the site of revistateen more famous of Brazil helped Manoela to be known in the four cantos of the net was a published video, ' ' Capricho' '. Thus, only two months had been transferred so that Gavassi more than got 300 a thousand exhibitions of its video in the Youtube. Incrivelmente had appeared 30 fan-clubs of the girl, come of all the country. The girl is a legitimate representative teen, since beyond being young pretty e, it obtains to captivate to all with easiness, only with talent and affection. When hearing its musics, the first reaction of the young is to say ' ' it sings, what I am sentindo' '. With sensitivity, Manoela obtains to portray this difficult phase of the life, where the majority of the people if feels alone and forsaken. This domfacilitou that producing and recording if they interest in produziz it. Its album of estreia was produced by the celebrity Rick Bonadio, responsible for the success of great bands of the national pop-rock. With 12 musics of proper authorship and ' ' It sings With me ' ' a music of Lucas, vocalista of the band of the Fresno, its album translates the desire of a gotten passionate generation young e. Its videos and letters of musics are for all the cantos of the Internet and comprovamque the girl really will be next dolo adolescent. ' ' Everything what I To want Yeah' ' , ' ' To leave pra l' ' , ' ' I tired of voc' ' many other letters of music are easy to find for the net and show the one that came this young with much talent and road for the front.


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