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Develop Motor Abilities

Posted by John Sommers on 28th December 2016 in General

1. Introduction: Step is an alternative methodologic strategy to develop motor abilities in the students of primary and secondary of an funny way. The classes of aerobic in step are originated in a program of cardiovascular aerobic exercises involving reiterated ascents and reductions of a platform the compass of music. We know that the children do not have the same physical or psychic characteristics that an adult, and within the infantile stage these characteristics vary remarkably. Consequently the sessions of physical education, would be the suitable means to carry out the classes of aerobic in step, preferably within a didactic unit dedicated to the development of the coordination, laterality, directionality, rate and corporal expression or within one of cardiovascular health or resistance. These classes of aerobics we have denominated like them, cannot be the same for children who stop adults. It is for that reason that, before designing a session of aerobic in step infantile we must to know the degree psychomotor development in which they are.

Only thus we will be able to prepare classes suitable and, consequently, effective and motivantes. 1. Psychomotor development of the children in ages corresponding to primary basic education. (2grado primary) the characteristics psychomotor of the children of primary education they can vary of an a others and no to agree necessarily with the chronological nor biological age, but majorities exist to consider in the sessions of aerobic in step: Physically, they begin to have better control and brings back to consciousness of the parts of his own body. They have control to inhale and to exhalar voluntarily in physical activities. It increases his skill and it holds and they are developed some physical qualities, like the resistance, forces, speed? It improves his skill and coordination in the movements, as well as their ability to express things with his body. Throughout this stage the children begin to cooperate among them and need to realise activities common.

The Time And Its Administration

Posted by John Sommers on 18th July 2016 in General

The time is scarce more and. If it is asked a group of heads which is its more urgent problem in the work, they will have to say ” The sufficient day does not have horas” or ” There is too much to do and there is no sufficient time to do it todo”. It does not surprise then, given the pressures of the life in the Companies, that many heads leave their days slip to them of the hands and lose of view the most extensive panorama under the pressure of the daily demands and the constant interruptions. The time is a resource, but a type of resource very different from which we are customary to try; we cannot buy it, rent, sell, render, borrow, keep, save, multiply, manufacture, modify or change. The unique thing that we can do with him, is to spend it; nevertheless, we focused to find better ways to spend it or to use it. There is no form to save time; the unique thing that we can do is: TO USE IT. All the people to ours around speak to save time.

When tenth that we are saving time, usually we mean that we will use less time in some task in particular; but this saved time cannot be kept in the bank or be kept to spend it in the future. All time is real time, is due to spend or to use at this moment, the Law of Parkinson says that the work expands to fill the time available for its profit. This means that the wished benefits to save time can disappear before one realizes. We must stop thinking about how saving time; instead of that, WE MUST SEE AS USE OUR TIME IN ONE MORE a MORE PRODUCTIVE FORM. It remembers: the unique form in which we can handle better our time, is spending it beneficially; The time, is free, the inflation does not have effect exceeds he, neither is inflated nor deflated. He is not subject to the depression, recession or height.

The time is the unique aspect of our life in which all we are truly equal. All we exactly received the same amount day with day. We are beings done of time, we are immersed in him: The conception of our life is based on its definition and the fatality of advance. Each culture has molded vision of the universe from the story of the life of the man. For old the time one was moderate by the movement of the stars in the sky, movement and inertia: the decodable face of God. The natural cycles announced time (the year and the day), and imposed forced steps and resumptions. Some years later we could strive of knowledge that the sun secondly advances towards the constellation of the lira 17 km/(482 million km Every year), that the Earth advances around the sun to 30.000 meters/seconds, that we move on our axis and we advanced with the Solar System at a speed of 300.000 meters/seconds ” The time does not have an independent existence of the order of the events by means of which medimos”. Alberto Einstein. For greater information on this subject or subjects related to the administration of the time it visits our page Web: it also visits and registrate, so that you can take advantage of a super discount or you take a bond of gift in your first purchase of anyone of our electronic books.


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