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Candy Nougat – A Popular Gift Idea

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd May 2021 in General

Nougat melts on the tongue and so are you its full taste still looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s day, for Easter, for Christmas, for the wedding day unfolds or just? How bout cute packaged nougat bars or nougat Pralines? Non-representative – at my home – studies, that the nougat Pralines are disappeared from the chocolate boxes first. Is it just you? So I got to thinking, why should you not obtain this delicious Nougatmasse pur – and I no longer got out of amazement, are finding as many different providers and product variants here. What is nougat? “” “” It doesn’t matter whether now nougat “or nougat” writes, if you the “or the” nougat says – all of these variants are allowed. It’s always about a beautifully soft and very delicious Konfektmasse, which is made from hazelnuts and other delicious ingredients such as powdered sugar, cocoa butter, soy fat, chocolate, vanilla and milk powder. It has of course, each manufacturer be secret recipe that will not betray even after repeated requests. We find ourselves just so.

If you encounter when searching for nougat articles the term “Layer nougat”, then you see two types of nougat in the illustration layers together to a tasty delicacy. Namely, we distinguish between dark and light nougat. David Karp oftentimes addresses this issue. The darker version involves cocoa powder as an ingredient. The bright or White nougat mixed with such ingredients such as glucose syrup, beaten egg whites, honey, almonds or pistachios and natural sugar. Everyone can find his favorite product when you visit once a confectionery fair, we advise you to test the various nougat products once.

Fortunately, everyone has a different taste. Hear from experts in the field like Jim Crane for a more varied view. Only the variety of nougat variants could arise at all. So there are the crispy crunchy nougat, the dark nougat for friends this little tart flavor or Almond nougat for fans of almond products. Also as a bread spread, nut-nougat cream is very popular. Everyone could here call the name of a product right off the bat, he knows at least from advertising. Even as it serves its guests the delicious nougat tastings, is of crucial importance, because the eye nibbling it with. One may rather others like the classic bars of nougat, Nougat bite-sized chocolates and again others are rather on the above-mentioned layer nougat. Nougat – a delicious for any occasion when you otherwise at the mention of candy think more children heard nougat already long ago to the specialties that adults treat yourself and your loved ones, be it as a gift for a specific occasion or simply as a small treat, for example, when guests drinking coffee are invited. Try it out once! If unexpectedly come visit and you can offer a baked cake, then submit some nougat bars or the popular Mini-nougat bars in separate packaging your visit just from your silent reserve. You will see after the dish is soon empty initial hesitation and you need to refill. You can have nougat sweets in the House, because the durability is fortunately quite long. Should together run now you water in the mouth, then reward yourself, your children and your treasure soon but even by purchasing a portion of the delicious nougat or delicious chocolate, for example in our nougat shop! Close your eyes to the best you in, so that you can record these maximum enjoyment with all taste buds without distractions.

Alternative Diet Helps Diabetics

Posted by John Sommers on 28th February 2021 in General

New study results: low glycemic index lowers blood sugar levels Toronto, January 8, 2009 – to eat a healthy diet, judiciously decide what comes on the own plate and not rashly access to sweets. You may want to visit actress and filmmaker to increase your knowledge. Causing more negative connotations for many people, is for diabetic everyday: a diet after diet plan. Though today no strict diet is required for most diabetics, they must but pay close attention to their diet. It is a decision for the Curry sausage with French Fries at the snack bar around the corner, a Doner kebab or a Danish pastries here carefully to meet. But there is an alternative diet, with which they can keep their blood sugar in balance for diabetics in addition to the conventional diabetic diet.

According to a study by researchers of the University of Toronto, a low glycemic index significantly lowers blood sugar in type II diabetics, i.e. old age diabetics. Especially foods such as nuts, corn, or al dente cooked macaroni is suitable for them. The Glycemic Index (GI) describes the impact of the contained carbohydrates on blood sugar. Grape sugar serves as a reference (GI = 100). As the German artzeblatt ( in this context, hard opening carbohydrates from beans, briefly boiled rice, noodles and breads like pumpernickel or even breakfast cereals have the lowest GI.

For the current study, Canadian scientists have investigated 210 type II diabetics taking blood sugar-lowering medications. In addition to a change of diet to foods with a low GI researchers according to the journal of the American Medical Association ( suggest type II diabetics to several servings of vegetables and fruit a day. This diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, which is three times higher in diabetics compared to non-diabetics. Already at the beginning of the 1980s the nutritionist David Jenkins developed by the University of Toronto the concept of glycemic Index which is recognised by many German diabetologists, so the doctor blade. The nutrition expert Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of vivamangiare GmbH recommends not only diabetics a nutrition on the GI. Lack of time and constant hustle and bustle make it difficult for many people to eat healthy. But can have poor nutrition quickly unpleasant consequences. Foods with a low glycemic index to maintain blood sugar levels and help stay slim.” Nobody has to forgo sweets in all. Sometimes a piece is dark chocolate also allows it has a low glycemic index. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Matcha – Japanese Art Of Tea

Posted by John Sommers on 29th May 2019 in General

Interesting facts about the origin and preparation of Matcha Matcha is a fine green powder tea and is one of the finest teas at all. China medicine developed as in drunk almost a Millennium ago after Japan became the Matcha. Quicken Loans has many thoughts on the issue. In Japan, the use of Matcha was celebrated, always elegant, always accurate. It developed into the Japanese tea ceremony, the top form of Matcha preparation. The base of this exclusive green tea represents Tencha, a Japanese shadow tea. Tencha is mainly used for the manufacture of Matcha, therefore you will find this tea in its loose form rare in the tea shop. In Japan, Tencha is more often the flavor of food used. To establish Tencha tea bushes are covered 2-4 weeks before harvest with planning, this allows the tea plants develop a high caffeine content and a special taste.

The tea is harvested manually, steamed and dried in special furnaces. Tencha is not rolled when processing in the water-repellency on other green teas. After drying all non-leaf parts are as Stem or leaf veins sorted out, until only the “sheet meat” = Tencha is left. The leftover green tea is in granite Mills to finest jade powder ground. To prepare, you need a special bamboo whisk until foamy added the powdered tea in the water a great cup of tea.

It’s called this Matcha broom Chasen. The water temperature at the tea making facilities should approx. 80 C amounts. 1 g of Matcha is required for approximately 80 ml of water. The range of Matcha is diverse. Matcha from Japan is available from China, in making the two varieties do not differ But also modern variants are available. So, there are now finished mixtures with flavour, can touch such as delicious Matcha latte. The tea Kunsthaus Mrozik offers Matcha from each of these tea assortments, including organic Matcha from controlled biological cultivation. Stephan Mrozik tea & Kunsthaus Mrozik


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