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The Clinique Mobile Maisha Helps Women In The Congo

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd March 2021 in General

The Club doctor omnibus supports the medical aid project Clinique mobile Maisha in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Evergreen Capital Partners: the source for more info. Live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world, 57 million people, of which nine million in the capital Kinshasa. The medical care is poor and reaches only a fraction of the population. The poorest layer in the periphery of the city of Kinshasa transportation lacks the ability to see a doctor in the Centre – too expensive, priceless the investigation. Women are particularly affected by your social position.

In addition to the infant mortality rate, the number of women dying after giving birth, is enormously high. Tumblr has firm opinions on the matter. Pregnancy complications endangering the lives of young women and their children. Prof. Dr. med. Dieudonne M.A.. Sengeyi has set itself the goal to do something against this state of affairs. As Professor of Gynecology and obstetrics at the Kinshasa University Clinic and specialist for Ultrasound he is fine with the medical challenges Democratic Republic of the Congo are familiar.

He has published already several studies on maternal mortality and its causes. He has in the year 2005 he founded a non-profit organization, which is to make a contribution in his home country a sustainable and low-cost primary health care to build: the Clinique mobile Maisha. “Clinique mobile Maisha” brings the gynecological and general primary care free of charge on-site. This mobile clinic is Prof. Dr. med. Dieudonne Sengeyi in cooperation with the Swiss partner organisation doctor omnibus”built up and allows the medical care of children and women in the poor neighbourhoods and suburbs of the capital Kinshasa, which do not have access to medical care. “Doctor omnibus” ( is headed by fellow doctors from the Switzerland and Germany. “The role of doctor omnibus” consists in obtaining financial and material donations, the the up and expansion, as well as the operation of the Clinique mobile Maisha should allow. In addition to donations from the Switzerland the two organisations Clinique are to receive mobile Maisha and doctor omnibus also in dialogue with the Congolese authorities to posts local in future. A minibus with a medical team is equipped with study tools such as ultrasound and laboratory and is run by a gynecologist. The buses reach the suburbs of Kinshasa, but also remote villages in the provinces of Bas-Congo and Badandu. In addition, the clinic has a base station. Here, the patients if necessary also over several days can be monitored and treated. It is planned to set up an own operating room. Consultations with specialists or operations in a main hospital are also allows. A priority is also to educate patients and their families on issues such as family planning and AIDS and to raise awareness. Thus the CMM makes a contribution to the Millennium Development Goals”of the United Nations. These include among other things the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, the improvement of primary health care of women, combating HIV and the improvement of the status of women. Lukas Hefermehl, Zurich the 22.10.2008

The Top

Posted by John Sommers on 28th February 2021 in General

Because you feel abandoned by the State in the lurch, run these people scammers rushed into the arms and make your situation even worse. Mark Stevens is likely to agree. You can not blame the Projekanten, because they want you only effectively Implement the project. At the today’s banking laws, one wonders whether even existences are promoted. As a small private contact mediator daily many inquiries contact me. Surely we, the one or the other ways through banks from abroad or about real individuals with capital to realize something, but the few honest intermediaries in our industry, we are clearly overloaded. Tested and selected buyers, many have become my friends, and I will give up any individual. You put so much confidence in my person, which also shows how deep the scars are and that it no longer relies on Adviser to banks, etc..

Personally I made me independently after training with a computer business, because I wanted to stand on the Office in the snake. Unfortunately it didn’t and I had to close your store. About a colleague, I am then advised in the mediation of contacts for financing. For 2 years I no longer have health insurance, because also I on people trusted the deceptive real have demonstrated could finance and couldn’t do it then but. Meanwhile, we the first customers at least with a positive selection in the banking and we do have everything for you. Even though we’re running out of breath also, and we don’t have anything more at the moment itself. The problems are piling up and own health breaks more and more to the part. In our last hope, we turn for our customers and for us even to you.

We don’t ask much, just about even to look at these projects, and to make a judgment. These people deserve that hearing will be given to you. A family has very successfully proved that success has at the independence and after 6 years of successful self-employment, these get continue to develop no chance. Please support us! Many people want to come back to the top, but it gives you no chance! You must never give up people and so I will try everything possible just to realize good ideas and to make a small contribution this To make appear somewhat more livable society. Even I can feel every day how hard it is unaided and a community can become stronger only by cohesion.

Learning Society

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd August 2016 in General

Ever shorter innovation cycles is the quality of the staff to the strategic success factor for the development not only provides partial changes to the knowledge-based society, but already announces the future society. The half-life of knowledge decreases dramatically. I.e. without regular updating and refreshing know-how is worth in a short time only half. I.e. the competitiveness of a company depends on the ability of its employees, how fast they are on new developments in the situation.

It is therefore untimely to understand education primarily as a cost burden, and not as an investment opportunity for today’s learning society”. Against the backdrop of globalization, education is a must investment. In this sense, the task of the evaluation is to provide processes for the qualification is. Among others these include: planning, analysis, control and coordination of the training determine of actual education costs in relation to the benefit of education organization and Design of corporate training guidance and coaching of employees and their direct supervisors development of transfer-promotional measures market observation of external service providers in the field of training provision of learning materials you should decide evaluation of seminar evaluations, to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, so a number of HR publications created, by Jorg Becker, including in this context see Becker, Jorg: Employee survey as intellectual seismograph, ISBN 978-3-8370-5085- or see Becker, Jorg: Potentialorientierte employee conversations, ISBN 978-3-8370-5180-3. The integration of practical questions that establish the real link to the workplace is very important. Much-needed specialists are however hardly to be used via a standardized training.

The concept for this purpose is called flexible competence. This learning to do little with traditional knowledge, including lecturer teaching is always rare. I.e., the trainee must acquire an increasing part of his knowledge itself and must develop strategies in the team. Training increasingly doing on the direct reference to practice, i.e. trainees to spend less time in the learning sites and more time on the farms. So even beginners at the choice of the employer to make sure what are options for further qualification. While the mediation of knowledge and cognitive skills to the fore in the entire training and continuing education, personal, social and communicative skills are required in the practical implementation of this learned knowledge. All institutions and levels of education and training should therefore increasingly on these soft facts”go up. Should you decide to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, so a number of HR publications created, by Jorg Becker, including in this context: Becker, Jorg: person accounts with intellectual capital, ISBN 978-3-8370-7001-9 Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.

World SMEs Association

Posted by John Sommers on 14th July 2016 in General

International SME Conference in San Marino, 24-25 February 2010 A historic opportunity of for a new global organization. Deepening the structural, financial and human resources, crisis that a long time leading (based in India) World SMEs Association suffered during a couple of years has been hard to a lot of member organisations, but it has been hard in a particular way for thousands of small and medium enterprises who expected support and effective actions to overcome the crisis. Instead of isolating when it BBs getting tough in the economy, we must closely work together and speak with one strong voice. Though the Indian based SME widely lost sizeable her members and her reputation as a global institution, she could be a valuable partner for WUSME. We invite organisations to discuss with US new ways of co-operation at the international SME Conference of 24-25 February 2010 in San Marino\”all serious Indian, said Kapoor. WUSME has already worked out an action program with the following priorities: trade and quality production capacity building enhancing the capacity of SMEs and women entrepreneurs supportingOrganisations, especially in developing countries and countries with economies in transition to help SMEs to upgrade production to competitive quality standards and to participate in global trade. Assisting in the diffusion of modern and relevant technologies, through theUNIDO network of technology centres, support for technology management program, road-mapping and foresight.

Supporting the creation of export consortia, a specialised form of SMEs network. Designing and implementing national and with international partner agencies find regional commodity-based tradecapacity-building program, in co-operation, as WTO, ITC, UNIDO, FAO and CFC. Providing assistance in co-operation with UNIDO and specialised institutions of toaddress the growing significance of private sector requirements for enterprise systems and product standards. Fiscal and macro-economic policy within this policy area, the UNION wants to deal with macro-economic policy, which means monetary policy, fiscal policy and wage developments.


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