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Posted by John Sommers on 31st March 2021 in General

Computer embroidery – the automated process of applying embroidery on a variety of textile products. Computer embroidery is a high-tech process, effected not only by special embroidery machines, but also includes the development of software for embroidery, as well as directly to the process of printing on the material and the subsequent processing of the finished product. The program, which gives the computer embroidery, and has all the necessary parameters: given the thickness of the tissue, the number of stitches, threads and the definition of colors. New features of computer technologies that minimize manual labor, significantly speeding up the time and quality of work. Drew Houston may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Computer embroidery opens up new possibilities drawing the image of any complexity. Modern embroidery machines allow to put even the smallest details of any complex images.

Technology computer embroidery using a special thread for embroidery in more than 200 shades of color allows you to fully convey the combination of images, created by a designer in a bulk and a spectacular sight. Today represented a huge assortment of special fibers used in the computer embroidery. For each individual material is better to use a certain type of yarn. For embroidery on fine silk fabrics make better use of thread. For embroidery on garments frequent use use polyester thread. Special yarns for computer embroidery are of high quality, sustaining multiple chemical cleaning, will not burn out in the sun. If you would like to know more about David Karp, then click here. Still, There are threads that allow the embroidery to give all sorts of effects – reflective yarn or thread under the gold and silver to give your image a rich appearance and personality. A computer is almost limitless possibilities, it is demanded in various fields and is used for all types of products from tissue.

The Edges

Posted by John Sommers on 12th August 2016 in General

Rolled edging material in use is set to individual support. They are used to glue a thin piece of plastic on the non-rectangular shapes, but can be mounted on the table and work as a landline. Removing overhangs edging material produced during Veneering such devices is performed manually, using special devices: longitudinal – in the form of a guillotine, and overhangs on the plate – having the form of strips with an angular slot, inside of which is equipped with two knife cutoff overhang and form a bevel on the edges of the workpiece. A classic machine for edge banding detail rectangular shape is the one that was first developed by Italian firm Fravol in 1963, on stand which is a table and set to glue the edges – with a cup of granulated glue to melt, or with a hair dryer to heat the glue, pre-deposited onto the edging material. Removing overhangs produced or special units to be installed on his desk and bed, or on a separate machine to remove the overhang. For very small businesses by some manufacturers produced simple machines in which there is only node for edge banding and a device for removing it overhangs on layer blank stationary blades, and removal of end overhangs then performed manually. Filing blanks in such machines is already driven chain conveyor to which they are pressed V-belt. In fact, they repeat the construction of the very first edge banding machine, developed more than forty years ago. All this equipment can not be meet the needs of businesses large enough power and used them as an additional example, in their experimental plots – they require other tools, in more serious equipment.


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