The Clinique Mobile Maisha Helps Women In The Congo

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd March 2021 in General

The Club doctor omnibus supports the medical aid project Clinique mobile Maisha in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Evergreen Capital Partners: the source for more info. Live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world, 57 million people, of which nine million in the capital Kinshasa. The medical care is poor and reaches only a fraction of the population. The poorest layer in the periphery of the city of Kinshasa transportation lacks the ability to see a doctor in the Centre – too expensive, priceless the investigation. Women are particularly affected by your social position.

In addition to the infant mortality rate, the number of women dying after giving birth, is enormously high. Tumblr has firm opinions on the matter. Pregnancy complications endangering the lives of young women and their children. Prof. Dr. med. Dieudonne M.A.. Sengeyi has set itself the goal to do something against this state of affairs. As Professor of Gynecology and obstetrics at the Kinshasa University Clinic and specialist for Ultrasound he is fine with the medical challenges Democratic Republic of the Congo are familiar.

He has published already several studies on maternal mortality and its causes. He has in the year 2005 he founded a non-profit organization, which is to make a contribution in his home country a sustainable and low-cost primary health care to build: the Clinique mobile Maisha. “Clinique mobile Maisha” brings the gynecological and general primary care free of charge on-site. This mobile clinic is Prof. Dr. med. Dieudonne Sengeyi in cooperation with the Swiss partner organisation doctor omnibus”built up and allows the medical care of children and women in the poor neighbourhoods and suburbs of the capital Kinshasa, which do not have access to medical care. “Doctor omnibus” ( is headed by fellow doctors from the Switzerland and Germany. “The role of doctor omnibus” consists in obtaining financial and material donations, the the up and expansion, as well as the operation of the Clinique mobile Maisha should allow. In addition to donations from the Switzerland the two organisations Clinique are to receive mobile Maisha and doctor omnibus also in dialogue with the Congolese authorities to posts local in future. A minibus with a medical team is equipped with study tools such as ultrasound and laboratory and is run by a gynecologist. The buses reach the suburbs of Kinshasa, but also remote villages in the provinces of Bas-Congo and Badandu. In addition, the clinic has a base station. Here, the patients if necessary also over several days can be monitored and treated. It is planned to set up an own operating room. Consultations with specialists or operations in a main hospital are also allows. A priority is also to educate patients and their families on issues such as family planning and AIDS and to raise awareness. Thus the CMM makes a contribution to the Millennium Development Goals”of the United Nations. These include among other things the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, the improvement of primary health care of women, combating HIV and the improvement of the status of women. Lukas Hefermehl, Zurich the 22.10.2008

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