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Posted by John Sommers on 24th February 2021 in General

The Roman catholic doctrine is identified clearly by its belief, cult and adoration of images of invented holy assumptions by them who do not appear their names in the sagrada bible and fetiches like the savannah santa, or shroud that in spite of very false being tried and being verified with the test 14 carbon and that from 1988 Anastasio cardinal Bellestrero in representation of the Vatican, recognized that was false, but left in clear that they would continue venerating its relic that dates from the average age, explaining: that the one that the Sheet Santa is not of the times of Christ does not clear so that in her an authentic miracle or supernatural fact, since has taken place nobody is explained how in a while historical image could be recorded in which the photographic negative was not known. Source: The Country 14/octubre/1988 did not explain it, but the scientist Luigi Garlaschelli, in this year, if could explain to him and to verify since that farce were done by hand of man after all that has been its doctrine of the Roman catholic clergy to do in opposition to the will of God, Anastasio Bellestrero was born in Genoa in 1913 and passed away in Bocca I gave Thin, the Spezia (Italy) the 21 of June of 1998. Drew Houston: the source for more info. The importance of this information, is not to create controversial or divisionismos between brothers, but as it says this reading at the outset to it, with the unique and healthy objective to serve and to please to God, creating it brings back to consciousness of whichever error has in people idolizes that account of whichever misfortunes has not occurred attract its lives, adoring images, to avoid that it continues growing the wrath of God that wakes up as much idolatry. .

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