The Perfectioning

Posted by John Sommers on 25th February 2021 in General

In the daily one of the current life, the work understands social arepresentao of the individual, where it materialize its necessities desobrevivncia and personal accomplishment. In this context, the work assumes singularimportncia in the life of the human beings, as much in the comoantropolgico and psychological socioeconmico scope, therefore at the same time where productive daatividade is the central element as individual and society, figure as factor of social realizaoindividual or, arriving to dimensionar emotional aspects, as, porexemplo, auto-esteem and the autoconfiana. However, on the other hand to the beneficial effect of the work, the maleficent effect provoked by the environment of work, the cargahorria, the security and the conditions appear where the work is developed. One is about the adaptation processes, that humanoencontra is the solutions that the body to remain living creature and functioning, ahead of factors take that it to asair its normal physiological functioning. A process that if aggravates when ohomem if it excessively dedicates to the work to the development of the work, forgetting itself them social factors, it to take care of of the proper body and of proporcionarao exactly, conditions so that this does not suffer with work loads it excessivoe/ou with the work conditions, harmful horrias and agent loads to the sadehumana. It fits to point out that from industrialization, the perfectioning of the specialized man power quepropiciou, the work passed to aocupar, greater has left of the time of the human beings, making with that the environment detrabalho either object of constant concern, which must be intent nasade and in the security, that intervenes with the integrity of the citizen and suacapacidade to work. Breaking itself of the premise of that somebody only works oitohoras per day, the work would directly occupy half of our deviglia time, one tero of ours lives, serving of universal equivalent to nosidentificarmos ones before the others. .

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