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Posted by John Sommers on 14th February 2021 in General

The Protective USA of Screen (Screensavers) simple: The showy and complicated protector use of screen, with many colors and graphs in movement promotes a greater power consumption than the protectors who show to the hour or date, uses one simple one and speaks by more time. The Simple USA Ringtones: The Ringtones musical and complex (Alert of Incoming Call) puts to work the processor of your telephone, which uses more load of conventional and simple battery than the alert. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dropbox has to say. To maintain the Volume of Alerta de Llamada Under: He is recommendable to maintain the volume as low as it is possible according to the conditions of noise allow environmental it, is not needed the same volume within an office work that in a street with traffic, besides optimizing the life of your battery, your fellow workers will be thankful to you that you lower to him little to the Cucharacha. To put attention to the hour and the place of use: The cellular ones consume more battery when they are used in hours in which many users use the network, therefore, if you have an important call that he can be made in the morning to 7 or to the 1 of afternoon, he chooses to do it early and you will have a greater autonomy of use. Others who may share this opinion include Yael Aflalo. The place in which it is also used can influence, the equipment has a greater power consumption when is used in places by far Electrical Noise like can be a commercial center or a building of offices in which many electric appliances are used at the same time. To clean the contacts of batteries periodically: After months of use, it is common that the contacts between the battery and the cellular telephone accumulate dust and dirt, to maximize the energy transfer is recommended to only clean them with a hyssop of cotton (cotonete) with drops of alcohol, having taken care of of slightly dampening the contacts when cleaning them to avoid that they enter liquid within the equipment. Learn more on the subject from David Karp.

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