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Posted by John Sommers on 28th January 2021 in General

The Urhai”there for 400 million years, sharks have survived the dinosaur. And that should probably have his reasons they have managed to adapt to the specific requirements of their environment. For example, the seven senses in the 530 species identified by scientists at sharks are pronounced very differently… Dropbox pursues this goal as well. completely clear that an area faithful, living coasts shark needs other sensory information as an oceanic whitetip shark, who traveled thousands of miles in the oceans. Also the body construction is adapted to the teeth, the food supply and the environment. As a top predator”at the end of the food chain, they regulate the sensitive ecological balance of the oceans, their presence is ensured, that the ratio of all living beings in the lower hierarchies (of smaller sharks up to the smallest reef organisms and the plankton) remains balanced. Sharks, even not unrestrained proliferate.

By their late sexual maturity, long pregnancy period and small offspring is ensured for millions of years, that they not eat away the resources in their Habitat and they carry out their task. That has the sharks while nobody learned and based on its evolutionary development the creatures of Homo sapiens which one attributes including learning, but unable to take advantage of observing this survivalist. On the contrary: by the senseless slaughter of sharks, we threaten our livelihood and poison us by the consumption of shark products. What can consumers do to protect sharks from slaughter and extinction? Haiprodukte apply 1) as a delicacy, 2) as a panacea against all possible complaints and 3) as necessary adjuvant in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Ad 1) Long time shark steaks were as inferior because of their Grobfaserigkeit.

The loss of marine fish through the over-fishing of the oceans means that now shark meat is increasingly being promoted. And particularly in the Asian region for centuries, shark fins (prepared as soup) considered specialty, which serves guests at festivities to emphasize (that stuff is namely sauteuer) also to the prosperity of their own. However, it is little known that sharks, because they are at the top of the food chain, sub add the highly toxic methyl mercury in their bodies. Research by Sharkproject 2009 at cream (= flank of Spurdog) resulted in 40% of the samples of methyl mercury levels that exceeded the limit set by the EU. Ad 2) the claim that shark cartilage capsules protect against cancer, an American pharmaceutical company had to withdraw before slightly more than ten years in addition to a million dollar payment. Since then, this miracle cure is increased as effective natural remedy for joint wear and tear Advertised (osteoarthritis). Serious scientific studies could provide but no evidence of a positive effect. And also the effect as sexual enhancers is likely wishful thinking 3 ad) squalene is the oil extracted from the liver of sharks, for example, in many cosmetic products fabric of based on. Alternative substances of vegetable origin are well known. It should be easy knowing these facts, as consumer shark products to renounce. At best, they are unnecessary or ineffective but expensive and even harmful schlechtenfalls (see methyl mercury). If it gets around and the informed audience opts not to purchase these products, slaughter and eradication of sharks would have if the non-existent demand by itself an end. Information:,

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