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Posted by John Sommers on 18th November 2016 in General

The question that motivates east article is an old dichotomy that clears the dream to him to more of a specialist in CATHEDRAL and SEM. The reality is that the specialists of SEM and their clients speak different languages. Who makes the optimization of the site has, generally, as it puts, that the traffic affluence raises, and its greater desire usually is to manage to raise one or two positions in the PageRank. But who contract the service of a specialist in CATHEDRAL has two objectives in its mind, that in fact is one only: to obtain that the site is self-financed, that is to say that are not deficit, and to be able to increase the sales, as much online, as offline (if offline has a sale channel). Obvious, in this circumstance a species of virtuous circle takes place: if profit more sales, enters more money to me generated by the site, and the site is only pleased, and it leaves gain me. Who do CATHEDRAL must exile of their minds the idea to want to be everything for all, that is to say, the utopia of which the consumers will find everything in the site at issue. It is impossible that is everything in same site.

We imagine with a concrete good example. A site sells musical instruments online. He is perfect for the clients who look for electrical guitars. Also he is perfect for those who look for electrical guitars Fender. But, if we spoke of a user who wants 1954 Special SG Replica that uses Joe Perry, the guitarist of Aerosmith, already we are there in problems. Everything for all, still within a specific niche, is impossible.

For that reason, when we spoke of traffic, we must have well in clear to what it is the maximum that, this site in particular the one of our client, can aspire. Also, we must lodge realistic expectations on which it is the maximum of PageRank that this Web can get to have, or the highest position of the Alexa Ranking that can be tried to have. Then, with all these elements on the table, which is the high-priority objective by which the CATHEDRAL specialist must go: traffic or sales? The reality is that to the majority of the clients it does not impress so much when her specialist in CATHEDRAL says we have raised to them of position 568. 987 in the Alexa ranking to 325. 854, like when they see his balance of Paypal, enlarged by the recent obtained sales online. To talk on these subjects, is important at the time of taking a new contract from work. Of another way, the situation becomes a Tower of Babel, in which all speak different languages, and we already know how the Tower of Babel finished. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to. vpa-Internet. com. ar/blog Victor Perez Acosta, is entrepreneur and founding of VPA Internet in 1998. You can find more information in. vpa-Internet. com. ar and. vpa-Internet. com. ar/blogEn VPA we are people of businesses. We know how other businessmen think and what they want. We know that you want to save money, but not at the expense of the quality. We know that you need a reliable partner. A company that always can satisfy its terms. We work more than nobody to increase the benefits of its company, while we reduce its general expenses.

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