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Colombia Development

Posted by John Sommers on 21st February 2016 in General

Much talk of small and medium-sized enterprises, but nobody refers to micro I think one of the weapons key to address the issue. And the priority in this field should be women. When I speak of women it is obvious that I am thinking of the children. We must go towards the socio-economic analysis of region by region, area by area, neighborhood by neighborhood, and one extremely important thing: identification of cultural patterns and the consequential lifestyle prevailing at each site, the determination of programmes on those sites with absolute or relative poverty, specification about educational poverty and the poverty of services and poverty of social security. Vaccination, pollution, urban cleaning, nutrition, history of diseases, crime assessment evaluation.

The fight against poverty is complex and requires as I have said, of a specific organism. Among us, who has devoted more time and effort to the study has been Luis Pedro Espana and his research team. Their contributions should be taken into account. We must start the development human and this includes political, economic and social freedom that involves respect for itself and the consequential conversion in actors of their own destiny, the community to which it belongs and the entire nation. In some cities in Colombia could have sounded outlandish how placement of libraries in the poorest areas, with their computers and their access to the world of today, but dio resultado. Human development is learning. Here is promoting upward social mobility and the introduction of education and culture is a driving force of development. Moreover, they must be considered both as human rights.

You have to encourage the community as a starting point, as generator of action, must therefore have power of decision. The community self-management implies Organization towards their own development. Enough of waiting everything, it is necessary to encourage them to use everything he has, since his educational grade until their skills, from their organizational capacity up to security that their actions will make the city a inclusive. A politician has the General ideas. Experts interpret them and lead them to specific plans. These are ways of combating poverty. I propose it.

Existential Living

Posted by John Sommers on 11th February 2016 in General

Plato also defended the world of the ideas, in which we are what we think and we project. The existence is pautada of good and bad experiences. We face challenges and we also create challenges. The freedom is to conciliate and to know to place itself in the surrounding world, to be the essence, to live deeply the dwelling of the deep one of the being, life fully with freedom to exist and to be. The solitude is part of the human being, is born alone and alone we will leave, the solitude is that it makes the necessity of the sacred one, the search of the protection and questionings, discovering the essence.

The be-knot-world is to know itself exactly, to grow with the challenges, to surpass the questions that nothing we can make ahead of the fact, but also is not to be motionless ahead of the events. It is to reflect, to question and to look solutions. To have attitude. The fear of the finitude, that is of the death is eminent. Many call for it, and when the illnesses arrive if they despair, therefore the loss feeling and I fight is insuportvel.

E many things that the life places ahead of us are so that let us question, and so that also let us can in placing in the place of the other, living deeply and to experenciar. The life direction is in what they make in them to feel itself well with us, our experiences of deeper emotions, our interpersonal accomplishments and relations. Exceeding is the interior force to surpass, is the faith that has in the interior that of the forces to continue to make plain and to surpass challenges with authenticity.


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