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Posted by John Sommers on 23rd August 2016 in General

“For cosmetics is happy with statements as dermatologically recommended” or recommended by dermatologists “advertised. When using such claims caution is advised, but since these courts often as anti-competitive, because misleading are judged. In a recent decision of the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Dusseldorf. “” In the case was recruited for a hair dye among other things with the statements: recommended by independent Dermatologists ‘and recommended by dermatologists’. The OLG Dusseldorf held regardless of the nature, the content and number of this dermatological opinion misleading these claims.

That statement was so understanding that dermatologists generally recommend the use of the advertised product. A significant portion of consumers in particular will this understand then, that in the opinion of any dermatologist the product no damage more evokes on skin and hair, the product so par excellence, dermatologically recommended in every respect. Since it is in cosmetics to such products were not from medical, but would apply for aesthetic reasons, evokes the impression that a so advertised cosmetics from medical point of view without risks can be applied and caused no damage to the advertising with a doctor’s recommendation. This impression of a schadigungs – and totally risk-free application is not applicable however due to the damage of the hair associated with the dye and therefore misleading. The decision of the OLG Dusseldorf shows that cosmetic products is offered in care when they should be advertised with medical recommendations. It shows that such claims as the advertising of cosmetics as a whole increasingly in the cross hairs of competition law are available.Other non-binding and free information around the cosmetic law, see

Products By La Paz

Posted by John Sommers on 19th August 2016 in General

20% Of the israeli population is Arab. Since 1952 they have, on paper, with the same rights and obligations as the rest of the Israelis. The reality is different. 70% Of its population is poor, one of every three children go hungry, unemployment amounted to 25%, and only 17% of Arab women are working, compared with 52% of the beans. To reduce these differences, in 1996 was born Sindyanna of Galilee, a fair trade cooperative in which Palestinians and Israelis working together in products Made in Israel as encouragement and support to the development of the Arab population. The work and the Mission of this project were exposed in the jornadas sobre El Comercio Justo, effective tool of cooperation and development, a meeting held in Madrid. Two workers of the cooperative are responsible for describing Sindyanna of Galilee: on the one hand we work to foster economic and agricultural development of the Arab sector through fair trade products. You must bear in mind that after the 1948 war, 70% of the land agricultural they were expropriated its Arab population, introduced Esther, who explains that the second pillar of the cooperative focuses on the advancement of women, where work is the fundamental tool for their development.

Asthma, responsible for the area of empowerment, points out that since the cooperative work and decent salary we seek women and try to avoid so the Government bring cheap labor in Asia, who paid below the minimum wage. On the other hand, other objectives of the project are focused on promoting the role of women in most of the Arab families that are still marked by the total authority of the man. The classic cut with which israeli society is torn is that still persists between a rich minority and a large majority without resources. The ethnic issue of Israel is as old as the State itself.

Sell Products Digital

Posted by John Sommers on 18th August 2016 in General

I get many emails of people who are eager to start a business on the Internet but unfortunately at the end of the process discovered that the company Paypal does not work with their respective countries and the reason is that unscrupulous people used this medium to defraud hurting other people in this country who want to work honestly, as my goal is to help the Latino community to go ahead is that I started looking at some Internet alternative to solve the problem for these people. I found a company that works in some countries of South America and Central America which are:-ARGENTINA – MEXICO – CHILE – COLOMBIA – BRAZIL in case your country is not on this list I recommend to visit the following link where I give you another solution if you’re in a country where you can not sell using Paypal or Mail money. Click on the following link: another alternative to sell from South America that not be PAYPAL or money MAIL the way this company operates is well similar to Paypal, your web page this in Castilian by what is going to be much easier, you can follow the steps, this company cobra for the inscription and the cash receipts for each transaction is not similar to Paypal, but in this case will give the option to the client if you want to pay in installments and depending on that transaction cost will vary. The idea is that you generate the product with them and at the end of this process this company is going to provide the HTML code which you paste it into your website in the same way that I teach in my video tutorials with Paypal. The company is called money MAIL and can enter by clicking on the following link: money MAIL believe that is a good opportunity in case you want to sell digital products online, now there is nothing that does not allow you to perform your business on the Internet and you come out ahead, only thinks about the potential that exists to work on the Internet, we are not talking about a country we talk about everything the world here you have a very large market have greater possibilities of sale not Miss this great opportunity. Remember that in my website you’ll find 50 video tutorials so that you can build your own web page in a matter of hours providing you all the information you need to build your website and looking professional and all the companies with which you can work to earn money using it either ClickBank, Google Adsense, digital books and afiliadoras companies, do not lose your time and visit by clicking on the following link: VIDEOS tutorials create your WEBSITE or business by the INTERNET author’s original and source of the article..

Accommodation In Mendoza Sus Estancias

Posted by John Sommers on 18th August 2016 in General

Staying in a room can be a different way of living your holidays in Mendoza. Surrounded by nature 24 hours a day, no more concern than the enjoy the incredible landscape of mendocino. The province of Mendoza offers colorful, delicious and comfortable lodgings that fall in love to those who visit them, no matter what the area chosen to stay. At the foot of the imposing silver lace, at Tupungato, at 1900 m altitude, the mountain estancia La Alejandra welcomes its guests in the framework of an old entirely renovated field House. The Alejandra was endowed with all the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay without resign none of his old spirit and charm. A regular winning combination among the hotels in the rural Mendoza.

In La Alejandra, travelers enjoy walks by the plantations of cereals and potatoes, full of color, and visit the huge pastures where Criollo are raised. Streams of unbelievably crystal-clear water, and mountain excursions give more color to this proposal not to be missed, seasoned by delicious typical meals and, of course, good wine. In the area of San Rafael, another of the highlights of tourism in Mendoza, also looks rustic accommodations. At the foot of the sierra Pintada, only 15 Km away from the city, cotton Wine Estates offers the possibility of living the wine from the inside. The Lodge on the estate, original of 1921, originally from adobe and with roof of cana, was remodeled to receive guests in comfortable suites with fireplaces. Ideal for a family holiday, or a stop on the route of the wine route, cotton Wine Estates, combines nature and wine with all the comforts modern life to which we have accustomed, a constant of the hotel in Mendoza. Very close to the Valle de Las Lenas and the tourist circuit of the Diamante River, cotton Wine Estates prides itself in addition to its impressive golf court and its world-class tennis complex.

That, once completed, will offer the 4 Grand Slam surfaces used for this sport. For its part in San Carlos, a town to surrounded by nature, the beautiful rustic style of the column farm houses attract the traveler with the promise of an unforgettable stay. To all field, nature and relaxation in an atmosphere of total tranquility and invigorating climate.

From The Hobby Of

Posted by John Sommers on 16th August 2016 in General

For about two years on the market: Rental classic offers high quality vintage and classic cars for hire and wedding trips in Northern Germany. Lilienthal, August 5th, 2010. Since the invention of the automobile, it is far more than just a means of transport. A beautiful vintage stands for spirit and lifestyle, just older or rare models hold a special fascination. Both men’s and women’s hearts beat faster at the sight of a vintage car. The desire even to sit, the control of such vehicle is great for many people”know Joachim Korb, who made his passion with the company rental classic in 2008 to the profession. From his previous occupation as a health economist, he has not regretted the exit until today.

I am classic car lovers for 30 years and would like to make others who love also old cars, a joy.” Offers extensive range of rental vehicles in his business premises under the umbrella of the classic Centre cult mobile star”on the main road 19 in Lilienthal Entrepreneurs now 15 vintage and classic cars for hire in. “” “” A range that is unique in North Germany and includes among others following vehicles: Ford Mustang V8 convertible, Ford Taunus globe “, Porsche 356 and 911, Mercedes 190 SL, 230 SL pagoda”, and 230 tail fin “, Citroen 2CV duck” and VW Beetle Convertible. More are being planned. Whether as a gift for birthday, Christmas or an anniversary. For spouses, friends, staff or colleagues at work. For the ride to the registry office, the shuttle service to the airport or stylishly in the theatre, film productions, or simply for the joy of driving, there are always reasons to hire a nostalgic. Who would like to allow this unforgettable experience themselves or others, the car his choice in advance for a couple of hours when rental classic a day, a weekend, a week or even longer book. The minimum stay is two hours.

Stylish chauffeur drives to the wedding for bride and groom or Jubilees has a Joachim Korb in addition “further service in the program: chauffeur driving in an original Bentley 3.5 litre, built in 1935 this type of vehicle there are worldwide only few copies”, explained the owner of rental classics, which acquired the British pre war classic five years ago and has been lovingly restored. And it is unique, that you can rent it at me. ” Festively decorated the vehicle and its owner have accompanied since already many future spouses on the way to the civil registry or wedding. Furthermore, a Mercedes 280 4.5 SEL available with or without chauffeur. Also a Cadillac is planned for 2011. Kerstin Boelsen – headboard – Kontor for text, image & PR

Leisure Suit: More Convenient For The Leisure

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Easy to be attracted in the leisure is important many people after a long day at work to go home, then you want to make it mostly only once so correctly comfortably and relax just a little so that you can come back to rest and recharge. In stiff clothing as you wear them in the business this is not so easy but with security, so many people themselves have made it also to the habit, directly after work once to change and to rise where it it much easier has to sit back and relax in comfortable things. It is very well suited for this purpose, if you buy a so-called leisure suit, you can put on after work, when the meaning is always one then. This comfortable suit may it consist of many different materials and have different colors and designs, so that you can find something suitable security for everyone, if you keep your eyes open. The best is certainly when you not further dealt with this area, to review the offer in trading just once, to see what here so all there is and what even liked one could.

Especially for reputable providers you will find mostly a very wide range, in which safety can be found one way or another especially beautiful leisure suit, in which one it well can imagine to spend the evening and to stock up on new energy for the next day. Popular this type of clothing for leisure is why there are to buy appropriate models for both sexes in the matching versions now both ladies and gentlemen. So you can begin to create a clear distinction between work and occupation, which it often much easier one to switch off in your head and thinking about not even hours after about you still need to do at work. Meike Sauter

Spanish Products

Posted by John Sommers on 14th August 2016 in General

Means this, dear reader, that the Latin American Internet is a gateway or shopping centre where pass 173 million people, who need certain products and/or services for their daily life, and probably entering Internet to find what they need, in the comfort of your home, Office or any Internet cafe. Then, someone can offer them, you could be you? Are 173 million customers to whom we can offer our products or services, and every day there will be more customers, is an endless row is a great inexhaustible market and this, at the tip of our hand, only there to know and take the necessary steps to have your web site seller, showing your products or services to that great mass of 173 million people. Eye, and other areas of the globe where people speak Spanish, or Spanish-speaking communities in other countries where the official language is not Spanish are not included, but there are plenty of Spanish speakers. Make a few accounts as an example of this: taking into account the Latin American market, we have 173 million Internet users; are potentially 173 million customers for electronic commerce; Suppose that your Web site seller may attract attention just 1%, who are 1.730.000 people, of these, 1% will make you an effective purchase, i.e., 17.300 shopping will have to say $30 each, proving this to you an additional income of $519.000, not this nothing bad. This is the first reason why you can sell online: grab your slice of this cake of 173 million buyers. In the physical world, that would also be very difficult to get a (Avenue, market, block or Mall) site where pass, circulating or walk 173 million customers, is also difficult and expensive to open a business to sell products or services. It is necessary, among other things: 1.-rent or buy a commercial. 2 Conditioned premises.

FSC Products

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The perception of the population of certified wood products, is an item to deal with and comply with the environment. The study was developed within a project green purchasing and wood, whose main objective was to determine the degree of knowledge, evaluation and intent to purchase of the consumers of the wood products with guarantee of sustainable origin. About 90% would be willing to pay a little more for products derived from wood if it respects the environment and guarantees the future of forests. The aspects most valued by consumers of wood, when purchasing products, is the sensory wood component, because precisely the wood is associated with attributes of warmth and health, not so much to modernity and innovation, since it is a traditional sector. Consumers and the wood people very often relates wood as renewable, recyclable and ecological terms, although only 12% know that the forest area has increased in the last ten years. They observed a negative impact among the purchase of wood and the conservation of forests, they are unaware that the sustainable use of its resources is the best guarantee for the future of the same. Attaches more importance to the timber industry respectful with the environment, not so much the price, to the species or type of wood.

The design of objects with wood, asserts in Windows, doors, flooring or parquet. Isaac Dabah is full of insight into the issues. It has been revealed according to certificates of sustainable forest management that only 10% of the population says to know any of the two seals with higher implantation, PEFC and FSC certificates. The majority of the population does not identify the meaning of certificates in the wood, very few know who ever have purchased something related to certified wood. The effects of the global economic crisis in the sector of wood and furniture are manifest in the fact that 58% of the population has postponed the purchase of furniture or the realization of a reform home for this cause.

Customer Products

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– The geographical location, determinant, especially if we are in a population located in a reference area under vines, which must be preserved but not abuse if possible. – The preparation of staff serving the key aspect of wine service. It is not the wine to have teachers who treat customers with documentary trim excess multiple wine regions and vintages, but a basic knowledge of those that are offered in the letter and simply and with few words, may explain, that is sell. 1.2 The Customer should be aware that customer satisfaction is our number one goal if we want our business profitable. We placed our local acclimated and to direct you to a kind of audience which attends.

If satisfied, always more likely to welcome him back. The wine list, in short, that relationship on the part of local products on sale, should be directed to the public visit us, becoming a tool to support significant sales. If the customer understands that letter and get accurate information on products offered, and also they are correctly presented in terms of their tastes, the sale will be facilitated. Consumers will enjoy a wine is not only consumed but also from the time you make your selection on the menu. Even if the public is often heterogeneous, we can always establish minimum standards to help us manage the wine list for you. We could enumerate: – economic or activity level. Would be quick to think that higher level, we would establish a wine list of more money.

The Edges

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Rolled edging material in use is set to individual support. They are used to glue a thin piece of plastic on the non-rectangular shapes, but can be mounted on the table and work as a landline. Removing overhangs edging material produced during Veneering such devices is performed manually, using special devices: longitudinal – in the form of a guillotine, and overhangs on the plate – having the form of strips with an angular slot, inside of which is equipped with two knife cutoff overhang and form a bevel on the edges of the workpiece. A classic machine for edge banding detail rectangular shape is the one that was first developed by Italian firm Fravol in 1963, on stand which is a table and set to glue the edges – with a cup of granulated glue to melt, or with a hair dryer to heat the glue, pre-deposited onto the edging material. Removing overhangs produced or special units to be installed on his desk and bed, or on a separate machine to remove the overhang. For very small businesses by some manufacturers produced simple machines in which there is only node for edge banding and a device for removing it overhangs on layer blank stationary blades, and removal of end overhangs then performed manually. Filing blanks in such machines is already driven chain conveyor to which they are pressed V-belt. In fact, they repeat the construction of the very first edge banding machine, developed more than forty years ago. All this equipment can not be meet the needs of businesses large enough power and used them as an additional example, in their experimental plots – they require other tools, in more serious equipment.


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