Goal of the NARJI

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The NARJI’s goal is that students will come away from their time at the university with far more than just having gone through the Jazz Studies Degree Program in the Music Department. The intention is that jazz in particular and music in general, should be “an extremely meaningful element of campus life.”  The program comprises: Jazz, Black Music, and related studies, which, since its inception has had “a profound influence upon individuals in all walks of life, from those whose career pursuits span everything from the Arts and Humanities to Science and Technology.”

Being exposed to such a creative process through various activities, as well as being exposed to this music via performance, results in useful information being fed to students in all disciplines.

Eliminate Time

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We can not set us the goal set us free from the ego and take the necessary steps to achieve it in the future. The only thing we get is greater dissatisfaction, more internal conflicts, because it will always seem that never came, that we never reach that State. When we look to the future the goal of freeing us from the ego, give us more time, and more time means more ego. Examine carefully if your spiritual quest is a form disguised as ego. For more information see Kaihan Krippendorff. To try to get rid of the self can be a way of wanting more if we set it as a goal for the future. Give more time is just that: give more time to self.

Time, i.e., the past and the future, is what feeds and pushes the I fake manufactured by the mind, and the time lives in mind. It is not something that objectively exists somewhere. Although it is a mental structure necessary for sensory perception, indispensable for all practical purposes, is the biggest obstacle to get to know us. The time is the horizontal dimension of life, the surface layer of the reality. And it is also the dimension vertical depth, accessible only through the portal of the present moment. Then, instead of adding us time, we should delete it. Delete at the time of consciousness is to eliminate the ego, is the only truly spiritual practice. It is clear that when we talk about eliminating the time we do not mean the time clock, which represents the use of time for practical purposes as an appointment or plan a trip. It would be almost impossible to function in this world without the clock time. What we mean is the Elimination of psychological time, the constant concern of mind egotistical with the past and the future, and its reluctance to be one with the life living in consonance with the inevitable existence of the present moment.

Young Doctors

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When young, is vehement, impulsive when it is normal to do so, but Residentado doctor program, we also instill while they instill the speed of reflexes and hands, – and above all – us force to be responsible and we are under strict supervision staggered and hierarchical in addition that there are exams and practice tests to be able to be promoted to the top year immediatelyThis time 1985 had only Residentado enrolled in the Hospital Regional Docente de Trujillo, only had 2 seater to 35 applicants, squares are now in greater quantity, but good being only two residents per year, we were well trained, because we were the future of Gynecology in the North – although many at the end specialty suffer to get job – few places and there were proselytizing and political marginalization. One night we were on duty and arrived two emergency at the same time there was as rank them and do they enter one by one, so we programmed them at the same time and the teams divide them. A leading source for info: Jim Crane. 3Rd year resident entered with the inmate and 2nd year with the 1st and almost inadvertently we were in the log splitter the two teams at the same time, anesthesiologists devised the plan to let us start at the same time that wicked! hear is pregnant what happens?, the minutes passed, children shouted, anesthesiologists watched the clock and they apuraban over, and without wanting to enter time competition, ultimately a team a c-section did in 25 minutes and the other in 35 minutes, from there spoke of the fast and the slow, that time is not important, but the fruits at the end in this case in this specialty and all being important the skill there was happinessthat every night we sleep quiet. Original author and source of the article.


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If for example you live in Barcelona. You get up in the morning and you see that makes a beautiful day. You say: I will take breakfast on the couch while I read the newspaper, so I enjoy more of the sunlight. While you were doing, you accidentally spill coffee on the Immaculate sheath of white fabric that covers the same. You immediately feel the gaze of your wife nailing in your Temple and you remember the why tomas usually breakfast on the table. Then, once remember you that sleeves are not washable machine and that that does not leave if he is not with a special treatment, you spend by cleaners in your neighborhood before going to work. Perhaps check out David Karp for more information.

You carry the Holster and you discover that this fabric will need special treatment and that the dry cleaning does not warrant it. You say: no serious dry cleaning will guarantee, must seek a special for washing dry foam. Your state of mind is no longer the same as waking you. ATTENTION to arrive at the Office and after answering the most urgent emails, do a search in your browser favorite as follows: foam dry-cleaning (include the words please at the end, but then delete them). In the sponsored links section are these ads: what do you think that it is the most appropriate ad for you in this case? The Madrid not because you are in Barcelona.

2Nd. announcement seems more appropriate for the level of information that you have. Although nothing prevents that the shortage of supply incites to click on all ads to expand more knowledge of the subject. But at this stage of initial research (care), will be more relevant a message that invites to know more about the product category to meet exploration, than one that directly encourages the purchase of a product/service.

Cheap Web Hosting

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Dream Path

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Why when we feel in our hearts that we’re ready to go behind our entrepreneurial dream, not can we given that big step? I propose that we reflect together on some aspects. Is it why? We hear a lot of people?. There will always be people who will not understand why you bet to an independent project. It is almost a craze for them! Perhaps they feel secure with a work in dependency ratio and honestly, want the best for you. All can say differently than ours, but no one can impose on us to follow the dream of others.

What is your entrepreneurial dream? What is what you really want for your professional life? To listen to you. We cling to the bad experiences? It is good to relive again and again the experiences or attempts that were not. It is good to learn from them, it is an logical and normal path for those who bet to make, we were wrong and we learn. Now, already knows what is the way not the It will be the goal. But it is not necessary that he rebuked by what they did or failed to do, that you blame yourself for failed attempts.

I assure you that motivation will not find it there. Ideally, learn, modify what do lack, and continue with more strength yet. We expect the worst? Rely on your project, rely on you! Only have words of encouragement for future entrepreneurship. If you are doing everything so that things go well, if you are working very hard, why should expect bad? Is not transformed into its first detractor. If you are taking the next step, do this and engage in 100%! Make us believe that dreams do not exist? Achieve any dream will say: even seems the name of a reality show to choose the idol of the music of the year. A dream is transistar the way you want, that we wish, I would like my version free and totally questionable. It is choosing to be you for the rest of his days or does being who others want that? would you be? A dream is to find the goal, with successes and mistakes, but always on the path we have chosen. A dream has magic because life has magic, because some facts are not explained, just happen whenever we strive in the chosen path.


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So life becomes intense it is necessary to propose goals continually, always a step beyond, although we feel that we have accomplished great things, the idea of progress is what gives life a sense of greater improvement. It is mentioned that you must be in a State of full enjoyment when working on your goals because that will give you a happiness inside State and each day may make greater efforts because he is enjoying his role. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt us emphasizes on the importance of defining a goal with such precision that we we fully ensure that our desire is in harmony with all our being, if we find we are in a very advantageous position because we will make great efforts due to the internal motivation that we have. Evergreen Capital Partners shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You should know that the mind does not want to cede control, always wants to decide it, although we know that there is enormous power in each of us to manifest great things, that power is not activated in our benefit easily, experts say that of all, it is true that you did that programming but the problem is that it was unconsciously. Acceptance, should never be allowed ever, if you do it is fight in a lost war, that is why we see people who cannot leave their situation as they comply with negative situations: I was born poor, because I’ll die poor, my parents were not studied, because I either don’t have capital, I can’t this is serious, you will never experience a change if you are satisfied with the current situation. He accept the negative, what we don’t like is more harmful that may have for the development of his person in any area of your life either in health, education, spirituality, wealth, etc. If you are struggling, looking for, moving, giving the best of themselves to succeed, you’ll no doubt be patient, follow, persevere, shortly the world will be in their hands.

Sacrament Of The XXI Century

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" A tingling in his hands, feeling the effect of a small current to the tip of your tongue (as if touched batteries)" for 15 minutes while holding batons Conte, the pressure decreased by 10 units " a sense of clarity of thought, the flight " There are many more various feedback we receive regularly. Do not want to do an article advertising, forcibly smash product, which throughout the text are reruns of the "best" proposal is simply informational article in which we want to share with equipment that is not recognized only because of the fact that not a lot of money invested, but it can and can maintain the quality and purity of product. Two years ago I bought the rods from a well-known healer, the price was not much about 3000 rubles. Feeling her at a reception the effect of "batteries in the language" I used these rods every day. Those were rods crystal. There are many techniques and postures, how to use them for formation of the correct energy, the most high quality and rapid income streams of energy I am as a person, in principle, to such methods lazy, of course, after a couple of days longer to deal with them. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Karp. And held them, either by will (subconsciously), or as an entertainment experiences.

What I basically felt and still feel that if the organism is in an excited state of negative information in simple words – in the nerve excited, then after 30 seconds as I pick up the rods mind begins to quiet down, even if you are really experiencing the past few days and can not sleep on a problem, the effect arises as follows: all the thoughts come in order off the internal dialogue, remains the effect of "I know that for whatever problem should worry, but at what I do not remember J. Close relatives who suffer from hypertension, he just loved the impact of Wands Conte, pressure returned to normal, gets insomnia recently began offering to buy the other staffs, representatives of the steel, we offer the same price as the factory rods in Russia it was not very profitable, but enjoyable occupation a lot of interesting feedback (I will not publish, do not agree with the buyers), different sensations, effects. There are several varieties, I will not describe here all the information, if anyone is interested in the site. Now difficult times, but if there is interest try – you will not regret!

Arab: Essential Part Of La Guajira

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In the Guajira is defined as an ancient land where the exotic is mixed with tradition to create one of the most attractive regions of the country, not only by the breathtaking beauty of its scenery but for its fascinating history, myths and unbelievable amazing legends. Who has been in the Guajira return to their homes telling about a place where the sunsets seem drawn by the brush of a painter in the operation of mixing shades and brilliant green or sea blue with yellow desert and red blood with which colors the sky and horizon. David Green helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If the landscape is compounded by cultural diversity, we have the perfect setting to describe the land of all: that of whites who crossed the Atlantic in the most ambitious adventure of Europeans, the blacks who were uprooted from their native Africa during the ignominious slavery and the Indians, who probably lived forever in the New World.

But careful: Alarm time to talk about the many peoples and many breeds of Padilla’s land is impossible to ignore one of the largest conglomerates in the region: the Arabs living in Maicao for over sixty years. Drew Houston may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Were attracted by the prospect of plying his trade for traders. His original intention was to try his luck at the border for a while but then saw that the land was good and prosperous and decided to stay. It is not possible to speak of the historical and commercial development Maicao without mentioning the significant contribution of the Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese and Jordanians who at first were called to the wrong adjective “Turkish” probably because some of them arrived in the country passport of the Republic of Turkey.


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But that's not all – of both hemispheres of the brain in 'new kids' development equally, indicating that superpowers in the 'paranormal'. After a normal person on this thread 'information' comes screeching halt, and he even ask for anything can not, then that object. Business strategist will not settle for partial explanations. What is it, if not a new version branchy cranberry? If someone pleases to say that among 1000 normal children approximately 10 – gifted with the ability higher than the rest, and 1 – so do almost a genius, such discoveries, especially not surprise anyone. But if you deal a body blow public opinion by declaring that some children with some strange blue, or aura, or something else, but obviously inaccessible to scientific analysis, he suddenly manifested the very unusual abilities, which are themselves hoarse arguing adult uncle, so it is quite another matter. First of all, every self-respecting member of society immediately rush to study this question, the good and useful little book is on shelves of bookstores and the Internet are just packed pseudo-information about the nature and amazing abilities indigo children. Some adherents of the indigo-concept went further and tried to somehow tie the virtual indigo child to something real – it turned out that Some Indigo children – are hyperactive children with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

These children's low communicability, susceptibility unsociable, individualism, high self-esteem, unwillingness to obey the other, rejection of authority, antisocial, high creativity, high level of intelligence, the propensity to acquire knowledge empirically, the interest in distant from each other things, restlessness, energy, attention deficit, impulsivity, sudden changes in mood and behavior, tendency to depression, a heightened sense of social justice, a heightened sense of responsibility, immunity to traditional methods of education, development of intuition and sense of danger. Some children with adhd there is the ability to giperfokusu – when they're interested, these children may giperfokusirovat attention on particular subjects and thus get to the heart and dive much deeper than other children. In general, familiarity with literary sources on indigo children (the indigo-people, indigo-people, etc.) leads to a few simple conclusions. First of all, nowhere and no one describes the objective and reliable methods of diagnosing children with indigo. Paste shortcut 'indigo' gifted children, from amongst many, or children with behavioral problems, as the syndrome attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – is absolutely incorrect. Equate giftedness and indigo – a clumsy trick with a substitution of concepts. Moreover, if we look deeper into the problem, in the face of indigo phenomenon we face a new kind of spam – this useless rubbish that clogs our e-mailboxes and eats Internet traffic. The difference is that the e-mail box can be quickly cleaned by pressing keys, but with such an intelligent spam more difficult – he settles firmly in the brain fills in the television and radio broadcasts and are just eating up our time. Finally, it remains the last, most non-obvious issue associated with the choice of brand colors – why blue aura, because it is still none other than the authors, not seen, and I fear, will not see, so why indigo, why not pink (it would be very glamorous) or green (it would be very environmentally friendly)? It was an accident or very thin intent 'parents' indigo child?


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Nor let me give my reasons. Only theirs were valid. So if it's not so easy to change their minds, "said Tati with a gesture not only of sadness but of pain thinking that her mother would never forgive her. Neither her mother nor her father! Uhm, if you doubted it!. "I never said it will be easy. Since the problems started, we both knew we were going to face a difficult situation, but neither assumed that things would come both from their course as they have done.

It would seem that we were the first and only children who are in a situation like ours, he said Seba. What I say, and that if I am convinced, is that when our babies change their mind. They will not be able to resist their charms. You'd better forget all this a bit sad we. Remember what we promised in relation to these days, Seba said, already feeling the memories were tarnishing the present.

"Of course not I forget. This ever present in my mind. I would not want anyone or anything stop us from recording these days, as we have imagined. Also needed for both our children to grow! Do not forget that I have to finish college and I will take at least two more years and then the thesis may take another two years. I could not work even part time work, study and care of a baby, "he said quite sure what I was saying and believed it was a matter irrefutable.


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