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Warning: Firms Apply For Money Payments

Posted by John Sommers on 4th July 2014 in General

modified cease and desist (MOD.UE) who received a warning for violation of copyright law in the Internet, goes into the Internet often only a modified Declaration of discontinuance (MOD.To dispose of UE). In many forums, it is important to read that the firms admonition from not to pursue the matters. This behavior is with caution. The number of cases in which the (alleged) claims are pursued, rises steadily. This year money payments on behalf of their clients have been applied for in particular by the law firms of Salado & Schenk, Waldorf of Frommer, Fareds, U + C, .rka and Zimmermann Decker.

A notice of alleged copyright infringement was regularly preceded by these orders. This shows even more clearly that to always back court enforced the claims asserted in the cease and desist letters. What is a judicial order for payment? The order for payment procedure (officially legal Dunning proceedings) is a court procedure, the simplified enforcement of Debt is used. This allows enforcement of a debt without complaint, without judgment. The procedure is performed often fully automated, without that verifies whether the payment actually entitled to the applicant.

This note is also on the order for payment itself. The procedure is so that a quick and cost-saving alternative to the ordinary civil procedure, which is especially suitable for claims, allowing no hassle. The aim of the procedure is first to move a debtor to pay. However, the writ of execution is at the end of the order for payment procedure. This is an enforcement order, with which the creditor can enforce his debt. How should I react to the order for payment? Notes of the Court are located on the back of the payment order. You should first of all read this alone. In case of doubt, whether the claim is actually should be responded as soon as possible: doubts remain, so it can recommend themselves immediately with a lawyer, a lawyer or person authorised with an otherwise to the legal advice center or service to use. First, be aware that remain for the gathering of the opposition just two weeks from the notification of the payment order. If you want to proceed against the order, then they should let not uneventful this period. You should opposition anyway within this period. Only after the timely collection of the opposition, the matter is emitted to the competent court. This will inform you however also separately. If affiliated by the opposite side is brought a lawyer should be contacted in any case. Her Tobias Arnold do you get also a Dunning? Please note the deadline there. We are also under available.


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