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Queen Mother Maria Cristina

Posted by John Sommers on 26th April 2020 in General

The rose garden is composed of a wide variety of roses brought from the most famous gardens of Europe. Although they were totally destroyed in the Civil War, 4,000 rosales were planted in 1941. Despite her beauty, is missing a sort systematics and a clear expository character of different roses that compose it. Dropbox brings even more insight to the discussion. To remedy this shortcoming, on 24 May 1956, opened a new rose in the West Park of Madrid, executed pursuant to a rigorous criterion botanical that therein the compete of roses should be held annually. Monument to Alfonso XII is is one of the most characteristic of the Park and which most impresses; It is a sculptural set located almost in the center of the Retiro Park. In 1902, a national competition was held to build a monument to King Alfonso XII, on the initiative of the Queen Mother Maria Cristina.

The winner was the architect Jose Grases Riera with a grandiose project in one of the sides of the Retiro pond, composed by a large Colonnade with large number of sculptures that encircle the equestrian statue of the King, immediate to the pond, all in bronze and marble. To his death, he was replaced in the direction by Teodoro Anasagasti, who did not introduce modifications. The monument, funded by popular subscription, was unveiled on 6 June 1922. The whole measured 30 metres tall, 86 meters long and 58 meters wide, and more than twenty sculptors participated in its elaboration. It was the first commemorative statue that during the last century were populating the gardens: works such as Benlliure, Clara and Mateo Inurria among others. The ride of the statues the Paseo of the Argentina del Retiro is popularly known as Paseo de statues because it is flanked by a series of them dedicated to the monarchs of Spain, sent to do for the decoration of the Royal Palace of Madrid during the reign of Fernando VI. In the beginning were intended to adorn the cornice of the Palace. The figures were made by various authors under the direction of the sculptors of the Court Juan Domingo Olivieri and Felipe de Castro. They came to be placed on the cornice of the Royal Palace as you can see in some engravings of the time, but to the arrival of Carlos III in Madrid the King gave order to remove them, because she considered the excessively ornate palace. For this reason, were placed in different places in the city (Plaza of) Orient, El Retiro, Jardines de Sabatini) and some were other Spanish provinces.

Image Touch Shines With The Relaunch Of HP

Posted by John Sommers on 26th April 2020 in General

A new look is now becoming the homepage image cut out GmbH shines home strait with a HP relaunch after countless images processed by image cut in recent years and have been optimized. Right on the home page, the visitors of the new homepage Gets a before-and after comparison. Using slider between before and after clearly shows what effects can achieve edited images in contrast to their untreated templates. To offer its customers maximum transparency, image cut list prices for individual services in varying complexities. It is still often used offering image cut, to adjust its prices for larger quantities and recurring orders. The new website provides information for professional corporate customers quickly and clearly. At the same time also private customers with just a few clicks to keep informed in more detail the individual services of image cut. By the subdivision into individual services and Finding your way on the website is further simplified standard services.

The image cut power tool that ensures a unique workflow is also preserved. Through this workflow system, which was already integrated into everyday work of many customers, image cut can ensure easy and irritation free. So even large amounts of data can be transferred very quickly to the work of the graphic artist. Image cut thus remains for high-quality image processing at an unbeatable price. Thanks to image cut PrePress businesses, photo agencies, advertising and marketing agencies can focus on the creative process, while image cut takes over the implementation. We give you 5 good and unbeatable reasons why you should choose image polishing: 1.Qualitat: also in increasing order volume remains consistently high quality of results.

They can guarantee that thanks to decades of experience of our designers. 2.workflow: For your easy and convenient Workflows you will receive your edit images with just a few clicks. 3.Schnelligkeit: You offer within an express delivery from four up to six hours for individual images. The regular turnaround time is 24 hours. At higher or strongly fluctuating volume, ask for preliminary approval to adjust their manpower to meet your requirements. You can place your orders on seven days a week around the clock! 4.Sicherheit: You guarantee a transparent process with absolute certainty of settlement through our innovative data transfer. 5.service: They will offer you a German project organization. Competence and reliability are complemented by their service. Speak it for individual requests! Like to recall si. To take advantage of their free callback service!


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