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New Sports Directory For Germany In The Web 2.0 Age

Posted by John Sommers on 22nd June 2022 in General

Free registration – first 100 default entries are still free of charge registration is always free, and the first 100 standard entries in the directory of the SPORT are each free of charge. The default entry already includes the publication of basic data such as address, company logo and photos up to the direct contact of the offer. Existing YouTube videos or video channels can be published to and the address will be shown right with maps on Google. Additional services such as a link to the website, the E-Mail address and a detailed presentation of the services available at any time to against low monthly cost packages. THE SPORT directory offers an expandable basic structure from the starting line. Other categories and entries can be proposed by registered users, or directly at the entry to be specified with. Dropbox may also support this cause. Users can create their own message offers, news and posts themselves or suggest. Tumblr is likely to agree.

A forum with questions and answers provides guidance at the first steps and is according to co-founder Christian Kaiser (Internet power plant) to the community for real sports to sports crazy people”steadily expanded. Visitors will find the latest news to the favourite sport or the specialized sports Studio close to her on the sports directory easily via the advanced search services. On the directory platform interested can book from the outset focused advertising spaces and offers to the respective target group, to further increase their attractiveness. Early booking benefit until the end of the year 2009 by low-cost launch services. Providers to also acquire the appropriate promotional offers or optimizations and inexpensive to expand.

Now, at the start of the sports directory, the first 100 default entries for a year are free of charge. The Internet powerhouse GbR background information about the Internet powerhouse GbR was founded in 2009. The three founding members are active as Managing Director: Mr. Stefan Michaelsen, Mr Christian Kaiser and Mr Klaus-Dieter Floegel. Internet powerhouse that has become the specialized fast marketing via new media. The growing mobile networking of all marketing channels supports and develops, to significantly accelerate business success. It develops and operates their own portals the Internet powerhouse and continuously educates your customers fast and convenient application. More information: contact: company contact: the sports directory of by Internet powerhouse Mr Christian Emperor, communication ABC-Strasse 44, 20354 Hamburg phone: (0 40) 28 80 99 47 fax: (0 40) 30 03 94 89 online media: Klaus-Dieter Flogel KDF-consult E.k.. ABC-Strasse 44, 20354 Hamburg phone: (0 40) 30 03 94 90 Fax: (0 40) 30 03 94 89 ###Autor: Klaus-Dieter Floegel, KDF-consult E.k..

Simple And Clever

Posted by John Sommers on 21st June 2022 in General

The offer of rebates and other Vergustigungen on online stores is increasing. Learn how they get into pleasure of saving. Short before the online purchase comes at the end, and the filled shopping cart are sent, you can still save money. Whether percentages on the value of the order, a fixed sum or free delivery – you need just the right code to get this bargain. The speech is also known as coupons from coupon codes. In the United States the savings certificate among already for quite some time the daily shopping – whether in the Internet the online shopping or “conventional” strolling in the city.

With us in Germany, they are also strong in the coming and certainly the financial situation of many consumers in the economic crisis increasingly popular – due. The potential for savings with these coupons is enormous online stores come up with new promotions to win customers or to keep customers happy. The discount for new customers, free shipping, the General 10 euro voucher or Gratisbeigaben of the diversity and possibilities of such funds are set no limits. The majority of promotions served the online shoppers mostly but not on the platter. Rather, the buyer sees a field at the end of the order. Often provided with “Code” or “Action code” or similar descriptions with its input only to get the benefit of saving. But where can I get these codes? If it is not necessarily a loyal customer, and supplied with this information by his favorite online shop at intervals is, or specifically, a new and bigger promotions is advertised, there are online portals specifically looking for these bargains and then ordered shops and categories free of charge publish this. Darcy Stacom, New York City is likely to agree.

Whether by the small Nischenshop out to the large and established online stores such as Amazon or HSE24 the list of coupon providers grows steadily. So, everyone gets the opportunity before his next online purchase for saving ways to search. Usually you can receive a newsletter or RSS feeds Subscribe to. So it is always up to date. Andre Schneider

Caribo: The First Mobile Car Community Registration In Germany Begins

Posted by John Sommers on 19th June 2022 in General

caribo launches first mobile car-sharing solution with revolutionary ad hoc procedure Aachen, 01.09.2009 – caribo, a project of the Aachener scientific computers GmbH, starts from 01.09.2009 to the registration phase on the portal for the service beginning in October. All interested parties who register until Sept. 30, pay no fees until December 31, 2009 and can be also lucky winner of Apple iPhones. caribo combines the economic and environmental benefits of driving with first\”with mobile Internet technology and social networking. Caribo AdHoc search determines the current whereabouts of the seeker by mobile phone and offers him automatically all transport facilities which are at this time (or in the foreseeable future) located in his area and have a similar goal, so are suitable for the ride. Here, the system reacts depending on the user position dynamically. The significant advantage of caribo – in addition to traffic congestion and protect the environment – related is booking the possibility of ad hoc rides\”, describes Markus Schindler, Managing Director of scientific computers GmbH, the new technology.

Thus, no long – or medium-term planning of trips is more necessary, because with Cabrera, the trail for a fast and flexible movement even on short-haul routes is created.\” Caribo to use, you need an Internet-enabled phone and the software available free of charge at caribo. These can be installed on most popular mobile phones. A GPS receiver on the phone increases but not imperative, is the accuracy of the positioning. The caribo software is very easy to use. \”The two most events one has programmed for separate buttons: I want to go home!\” signaled with a push of a button the means of transport in the environment which target you want to control. The driver\”driver signal button, you’re on a short track and are generally prepared in this way, to record passengers. You can save more common objectives, eliminating the repeated input of address. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Darcy Stacom.

Economic Recovery Plan For The Internet

Posted by John Sommers on 5th June 2022 in General

Cash for clunkers for old Web pages decided the full service agency interface Medien GmbH in Munster (in the following: IFM) its own scrapping bonus introduced at the beginning of year 2009. Owners of websites that decide to an all-round renewal of their old website can save money here. Based on the State promotion award of Federal Government support for new cars at while scrapping of the old vehicle are search engine optimized business performances created and elderly websites in payment. The customers will receive the following offer: travellers Web pages (at least four years old) first of all a free Web check undergo to determine how traffic, contact requests and the ranking by relevant search engines behave. In a further step follows a potential analysis, which verifies what options with regard to the three factors mentioned could be achieved with a new page. Subsequently developed a concept for a new site, IFM What today’s requirements is equivalent to and submit this to the customer.

Central part of the offer is the price. At least 500.-euro issued the customer with a new Commission of IFM, depending on the order volume, this premium continues to rise. This is negotiated in each individual case. At Jim Crane you will find additional information. The period for this action is scheduled from mid-February until the end of June or until the number reached by 1,000 new assignments. For the cash for clunkers program that customers are written at first, which already had contact with IFM in the past, with which, however, still no contract came about. In addition, IFM expects more interested by an extended public relations. Kai Winkelmann

Organization Day

Posted by John Sommers on 6th February 2022 in General

Now published: 2013 Karlsruhe Karlsruhe developer day programme, 13 March 2013. New trends and developments of the Karlsruher is Developer Day 2013 which shows the newly released program. So, there is an own track with interactive sessions on social media and innovative trends in the agile day for the first time. The Conference Day focuses on in addition to topics such as Java, .NET VKSI, mobile and cloud specially with IT security. For more specific information, check out David Green. Due to his popularity back in the program, the Tutorial Day with each half-day workshops is on Friday. The keynote speakers are 2013 Oscar Nierstrasz, Professor of computer science at the IAM of the University of Bern, which talks about re-engineering, and Lutz Prechelt, Professor of software engineering at the FU Berlin with a talk about agile Offsharing.

The Conference for software development will be held from June 5th to 7th in Karlsruhe. The Karlsruhe Developer Day focuses 2013 on the cloud, mobile, social media and IT security issues. Deliberately, the organizers have decided, the Software Development Conference this year a special attraction for trend Scouts of the IT world to make, rather than purely on the active exchange of common applications and developments. That while the security Gets an own track, illustrates the constant growing significance of the topic. “Despite the emphasis on the innovations: also, who specializes in the classics” of the Karlsruhe Developer Day is happy, you will find it in the program, because of course, agility in practice is also topic such as quality analysis, testing or new mobile applications, to name just a few areas.

Something of a tradition at the Karlsruhe Congress of developers is the variety of different formats: invited talks, discussions, lectures, Pecha Kuchas, dojos, workshops etc. The complete program is available at. For the first time a separate Advisory Board was convened for the Karlsruhe developer day, consisting of from key personnel for software engineering from industry and academia in the area of Karlsruhe. The Advisory Board as an institution is the Expertise and decision makers from the region of greater involvement in the orientation of the developer day. To the Technical Committee will deal with the strategic orientation of the Conference in the next few years. Another core theme for the Advisory is the exchange between industry and science during the meeting. Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner take over the Chair of the Advisory Council from the KIT, FZI and VKSI and Matthias Grund, andrena objects AG Board of Directors The andrena objects ag takes over the Organization of the Karlsruhe developer day alongside the TechnologiePark Karlsruhe again, organizers are the ObjektForum, the VKSI and the society for computer science regional group Karlsruhe. Under you can register until April 12th to the early bird rate. For students, there are discounted Conference tickets. About andrena objects ag the owner-managed company was founded in 1995 and supports its customers with over 80 employees at the locations of Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main in software engineering.

Image Touch Shines With The Relaunch Of HP

Posted by John Sommers on 26th April 2020 in General

A new look is now becoming the homepage image cut out GmbH shines home strait with a HP relaunch after countless images processed by image cut in recent years and have been optimized. Right on the home page, the visitors of the new homepage Gets a before-and after comparison. Using slider between before and after clearly shows what effects can achieve edited images in contrast to their untreated templates. To offer its customers maximum transparency, image cut list prices for individual services in varying complexities. It is still often used offering image cut, to adjust its prices for larger quantities and recurring orders. The new website provides information for professional corporate customers quickly and clearly. At the same time also private customers with just a few clicks to keep informed in more detail the individual services of image cut. By the subdivision into individual services and Finding your way on the website is further simplified standard services.

The image cut power tool that ensures a unique workflow is also preserved. Through this workflow system, which was already integrated into everyday work of many customers, image cut can ensure easy and irritation free. So even large amounts of data can be transferred very quickly to the work of the graphic artist. Image cut thus remains for high-quality image processing at an unbeatable price. Thanks to image cut PrePress businesses, photo agencies, advertising and marketing agencies can focus on the creative process, while image cut takes over the implementation. We give you 5 good and unbeatable reasons why you should choose image polishing: 1.Qualitat: also in increasing order volume remains consistently high quality of results.

They can guarantee that thanks to decades of experience of our designers. 2.workflow: For your easy and convenient Workflows you will receive your edit images with just a few clicks. 3.Schnelligkeit: You offer within an express delivery from four up to six hours for individual images. The regular turnaround time is 24 hours. At higher or strongly fluctuating volume, ask for preliminary approval to adjust their manpower to meet your requirements. You can place your orders on seven days a week around the clock! 4.Sicherheit: You guarantee a transparent process with absolute certainty of settlement through our innovative data transfer. 5.service: They will offer you a German project organization. Competence and reliability are complemented by their service. Speak it for individual requests! Like to recall si. To take advantage of their free callback service!

Trakken Web Services GmbH Published New Application

Posted by John Sommers on 5th June 2019 in General

Create your own dashboards with the Trakkboard with the new, free desktop application of the Trakken Web Services GmbH regularly log in to Google Analytics soon belongs to the past: the Trakkboard connects via the Google Analytics API and visualizes the desired tracking data. Trakkboard offers decisive advantages over the conventional use of Google Analytics: on the application surface measurement data from multiple Google Analytics can be combined as accounts and profiles, so that switching between the data on the different sites is no longer necessary that Web page cross-reporting is no problem more to automatically refresh the data on your personalized dashboard. On request, but also data can be excluded from the update. As many widgets can be placed on the dashboard surface of Trakkboard, containing the data from Google Analytics. With Trakkboard, their own dashboards can be created and customized with the desired data. It are 13 different metrics, as well as an additional function of note available.

Still, the period can be adjusted either individually for each widget or all unlocked a dashboard widgets. Trakkboard is free of charge. The application is accessible only with a license key which will be sent after successful registration of email address under. Trakkboard is available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems compatible and currently in the beta version. New features are constantly added. So are for example In the coming week also an English and a Spanish language version be available. Premium versions available in the future is, however, subject to a charge, includes more features and will be more individualized.

An overview of all product properties as well as many screenshots as PDF under start / product information. Trakkboard is offered by Trakken Web services, a consulting firm with a focus on Web Analytics and conversion Optimization. Trakken was founded by two former Google employees Timo Aden and Lennart Paulsen. The customers will be accompanied by the selection and implementation of analysis tools to the conception and implementation of optimization tests. In addition to the selection and customization of Web analysis tools like e.g. Google Analytics, Trakken offers the definition and evaluation of key performance indicators, as well as the derivation of recommendations for action. Goal is to create a company-wide culture of analysis and to identify potential for improvement of the website. Trakken offers the graphical implementation with programming by landing pages in addition to the preparation of the test scenarios. Conversion optimization a competitive advantage and a company’s success through secure A/B or multivariate testing in the long term. Trakken is an authorized Google Analytics partner.


Posted by John Sommers on 23rd November 2016 in General

After Christmas to avoid the tedious procedure of exchange the donee, many Germans are choosing goods coupons or a monetary gift. Jena, December 27, 2008 – spenders buy after Christmas the gift of their choice through the cash bonus program. Until January 1, the 4% discount on all products in there. With the new registration will additionally 10 Euro star credit. With 1800 stores, directions is the largest cash bonus program on the Internet. The cash bonus accumulates on every purchase, up to a value of 30 euro on the bonus account. As this sum, directions will transfer the bonus in cash to the bank account.

Cash bonus programs like directions create genuine added value for online shopping for consumers. Until 1 January 2009, the price through directions drops again to 4% even on already reduced merchandise. Also many live shopping bargains are even cheaper portals or shopping communities. Many online stores reduce prices immediately after Christmas”, know directions CEO Kerstin Schilling, who then about directions “purchases, benefiting from a discount plus cash bonus.” The buyer combining made the best price Preissuchmaschine, directions and coupon. In future directions will therefore offer a coupon section with current vouchers of his partner shops.

The shop, which offers the cheapest product on a Preissuchsystem is found, it controls it just about directions. Also has a merchandise voucher for the desired product, you can be almost certain, to have paid the lowest possible price. About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions crediting commissions of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Chamfer Sauer. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email


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