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Twelfth Five Construction

Posted by John Sommers on 20th December 2016 in General

The construction quality of railway in our country is a focal point for the local government and the whole country ever ACE. The ballast can also be called gravel or roadbed, which is used for supporting the pressure and scattering the pressure and have the function of fastening the sleeper and dewatering. As is known to all, the train has a high weight and the pressure on the railway is also huge, for this reason, very hard stone is laid under the crosstie and the size of the stone should be basically the same in order to form a trapezoid section. For this reason, the railway construction has very strict requirement to the ballast, that is, the particles should be excellent in shape and uniform in size. The crushing machines such as impact crusher and hammer crusher and the stone production line manufactured by our company are able to produce and supply eligible ballast with suitable size and even coexistence. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the construction of railway network is tensely underway, so that the market demands for the gravels will increase with the construction of more railways. The crushing equipment is specially used for the production and process of high-output gravels and it can also be equipped with high-efficient stone production line in order to satisfy the high-output which will make the ballast processing needs more convenient.cone crusher: vibrating screen: Hongxing stone crushing production line is suitable for processing many kinds of materials such as hard limestone, granite, basalt, and slag and manufacturing artificial sand and cobble have been widely used in many industries such as water and power, building materials, highway and city construction. According to different technological requirement, we can combine different types of equipment in order to satisfy different technological demands of the customers. The crushed stone belongs to and the size of the discharged material mixed materials can be adjusted and there is no fixed materials discharging coexistence.

Infrared Heaters

Posted by John Sommers on 26th July 2016 in General

Renovation programmes on the television increasingly rely on infrared heating the Redwell infrared heating systems have made themselves a name in recent years not only in Germany. The action principle, the very high quality of the products and the good consulting services convince simply more and more customers. So it is not surprising that the media increasingly to take note of the infrared heater and back reports about this type of heating in the focus on the consumer. So, also the fastest construction team of in Germany has become aware on the Redwell heating. “In the show home in luck” on RTL2, more and more objects with Redwell heating systems are equipped, because especially tags infrared heating play a role in full your strengths. This is a complete equipment of a House as well as the conversion of individual premises. Also living in the broadcast’s desire “on VOX increasingly on Redwell infrared heating systems used.

Play there in the show are important, because among other things the health benefits of infrared heating regularly surprised people with physical limitations with the renovation of your home. End of the year 2009 in the breakfast television of ZDF on rebuilding in the series Volle kanne “about infrared heaters reported. This development and the increasing awareness in the public are just the beginning for the great success of the Redwell heating systems certainly. In 2009, sales in Germany, as already in the past years each, has been doubled. The Redwell Germany (North) company based in Hamburg, Germany is now one of more than 400 satisfied homeowners in the German postal code area 0-5, that heat solely with the Redwell system.

Almost 10,000 units were sold by the company in recent years. Redwell heating systems be issued not only in Hamburg directly in the showroom, but also on the large building fairs as well as many dealers on the spot, where customers can consult.


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