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Posted by John Sommers on 30th May 2019 in General

Also the hereditary memory is cited, as a message locked up in the genetic code, constituting a similar biological memory the electronics, while it programs where if they establish two functions: ' ' the memory and projeto' '. contrarily to the computers, the hereditary message does not allow any exterior intervention, not being able to have change of the program (p.470-471). Freud is cited, on Interpretation of the dreams, where it affirms that ' ' the behavior of the memory during the dream is certainly significant for all the theory of memria' ' , when the memory is source of latent knowledge, of clarification of the individual and collective experience of infancy (p.471). Read more here: Drew Houston. An analysis of the great transformations because it passed the collective memory, through the constitution of social sciences and the institution of topographical and symbolic places of collective memory is made, determining the resignation the linear temporality in advantage of ' ' times mltiplos' ' in archives that make the historical memory (p.473). 6.Concluso: the value of the memory. Conclusions of the study carried through in the chapter are presented, having been possible to extract four basic concepts: The memory as essential element in the constitution of the identity, individual or collective, whose search is a basic activity of the individuals and the societies of today (p.476); The collective memory it is more than a conquest, being also an instrument and an object of being able (p.476); The constitution of a on collective memory strict to a dominant social classroom, as the case of the Etruscan historiografia, determined a memory absence when the civilization disappeared (p.476); In studies on the familiar memory for ' ' man comum' ' African and the European, uncovered that all that apparatus of memory extra-officer, ' ' the familiar memories, to local histories, of clan, families, of villages, to the personal memories, (…) in some way represent the collective conscience of entire groups (…), opposing it a knowledge privatized and monopolized for necessary groups in defense of interests constitudos' ' (p.477). In conclusion, the chapter ' ' memria' ' , to the analyzed being, it constitutes important source of research in any area of knowledge, however in special in the history area, supplying enriquecedor content, relative to the concepts of collective memory, established from the study of the social function of the memory.

Ribbon Bow

Posted by John Sommers on 17th November 2016 in General

The reading of Pretty Girl of the Ribbon Bow and the braids of Bintou, of the authors Ana Maria Machado and Sylviane. the Diouf, seduced in them for its histories and what they say in them. The black girls and its peripcias had been the motivation to write, but with one another look not so innocent as of the readers for which they are directed. Observing aspects that seem innocent. To launch hand of literature to work with subjects or to foment debates through it already has been practical in the academy.

For the lines that follow choose to dialogue with two authors of infantile literature, one already sufficiently known and Brazilian: Ana Maria Axe, and to that if she nominates as mixture of senegals father and French mother not so known ours: Sylviane. the Diouf. The selected workmanships had been respectively: Pretty girl of the ribbon bow and braids of Bintou. In both the workmanships curiously the main personage is a girl, black. is through these personages and of histories that they count in them and are part that we will go to argue the concept of identity and racism being left of the signals, tracks that the narratives supply in them. For in such a way, if she makes necessary the presentation of the workmanships and its manufacturers, or better, its craftsmen of texts that do not bring a ready vision, but are an invitation to leave of the reading to read the world, paraphrasing Marisa Lajolo (1996). Let us initiate the presentations with the Brazilian Ana Maria Axe, published book author innumerable, Ana Maria Axe (Rio De Janeiro, 24 of December of 1941) is a journalist, teacher, painter and Brazilian writer.

Drug Administration

Posted by John Sommers on 20th July 2016 in General

You are worrying about your figure but it gives fear you to someterte to the Complications of Liposuction. You want to know that there is, if is Myth or Reality what implies cirujia of liposuction? What other methods you have to replace it? And really it is worth the pain? What has of myth and what of Reality in the alternative methods to this so popular practice that it helps to eliminate those kilos or pounds of in the specific zones of the body being mattered in which does not start off more, neither by the more difficult that it is? If to those kilos or pounds worry to you about more and mainly that fat that accumulated in the waist, the abdomen, the glteos, you know to it! and if you are always perhaps to prove different diets and to realise demanding exercises, also you are thinking about looking for a method that helps you to eliminate them quickly and without as much effort. An alternative that is used much nowadays, and that began to practice in the decade of 70s, is denominated liposuction: this it is a type of aesthetic surgery in the one that to you the fat deposits eliminate in sectors not wished to improve the corporal appearance and to file the corporal contours deformed. Some times, this procedure denominates corporal contouring. With this method the areas below the chin, the neck, the pmulos, the part superior of the arms, the sines, the abdomen, the glteos, the hips, the thighs, the knees, pantorrillas and the ankles can mold you. Nevertheless, this process does not differ from other surgical procedures and, therefore, it has the same risks that a habitual surgery, some minors but others can be more important, mainly when she is the anesthesia. In addition, it requires a time of important of recovery that sera more or less prolonged and almost always even molestosamente painful.

Perhaps, it is probable that you are already thinking about choosing another solution. For your tranquillity, this happens to him to all world that wishes to improve its figure but without being put under an intervention in the operating theatre. Before this situation, specialists also have worked and, with time, other alternative methods were arising that can help in this task.


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