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Solar Energy Definitions

Posted by John Sommers on 5th May 2019 in General

The Sun The Sun is the closest star to our planet, is a dwarf-type star, with a diameter of 690 000 km and a mass equal to 300,000 planets like ours, the mean distance from the Sun to Earth is called the astronomical unit and has a value of 1.5 X 10 to 11 m. Solar energy comes from nuclear fusion reactions that take place at its core, where hydrogen atoms combine together to form helium atoms, hydrogen atoms combine with atoms to form helium atoms lithium, etc. . while a small part of the mass of the atoms is converted into energy according to Einstein's equation E = mc2. In the solar core is estimated that the temperature is about 10 to 7 degrees Kelvin and is where generates 90% of the energy that flows into the solar surface. The sun radiates its energy in the form of electromagnetic waves with a wide range of wavelengths, which move in space at a speed of 300,000 miles per second, or speed of light. The sun radiates each second amount of energy a 4 X 10 to 26 Joules which generates an output of 4 X 10 to 23 Kw, to give us an idea of the enormous amount of energy that this represents, suffice to say that the global consumption of energy in a year is estimated at 3.25 x 10 20 Joules or 3.25 X10 power 17 kW, this means that in a second the sun produces more energy than is consumed in a year worldwide. .

Japanese Emperor Meiji

Posted by John Sommers on 20th April 2017 in General

Reiki meanwhile is the talk of the people. More Menorca of people knows knows what it is and especially what can. Many times as one of the first concepts related to Reiki to put your hand is named. Although this describes a possible implementation of Reiki area, not enough to describe the method of spiritual development, because Reiki is much more than just putting your hands. Reiki, which has obtained its name from Mikao Usui approximately 100 years ago, is a holistic path for a relaxed and successful life with better health. To this purpose Reiki offers different tools that can help the individual to develop. One of these trails is meditation, Usui Sensei taught in the form of the Gassho. He recommends, sit upright and hold hands at the height of the heart seanalando upwards.

Stay a few minutes with eyes closed at this sitting position and observed in this breathing may lead to a deep feeling of relaxation. Another method of enriching life human, are the five rules of life, that Usui Sensei has taken from the Japanese Emperor Meiji and practiced successfully himself, so he also recommended them to his students. Because the rules of life in the first West were known by Usui Sensei, often also called life Usui rules or rules of life of Reiki, what is not really going to the core of the thing. Five simple principles are introduced in the rules of life, which can give a blessing to everyone who follows them. The methods described above naturally can be used per person, if you practice Reiki also or not. Reiki still offers much more for people interested. In a sequence of certain energy activations (in the West also called initiations) each person can activate channels of energy hidden inside her channel and transmit universal energy to the own well-being such as the welfare of other people, animals, etc. These triggers can be given by a Reiki Master. A method very popular in the time of today is the work of the friendship of Reiki, Reiki school online accredited by the German Confederation of Reiki. Here many hundreds of people learning together since 2004 and each one by itself individually to use Reiki blessings and other forms of energy in their daily work.


Posted by John Sommers on 25th July 2016 in General

Line cameras now available in a compact housing IP54! The infrared line cameras for many years proven PYROVIEW of DIAS infrared GmbH is available now in an IP54 compact housing. They allow the non-contact measurement of temperature profiles in the range from 0 C to 1300 C at high speeds (up to 512 lines per second). Different spectral ranges are available, E.g. 8 14 m and 3 5 m for measurements at low or medium temperatures, 4.8 5.2 m for measurements on glasses or 1.4 1, 8 m for high temperature measurements on metals. The real time data transmission via fast Ethernet. Electrically isolated digital inputs (trigger) and digital outputs (alarm) are standard. The cameras can be integrated if required in special housing (IP65 protection housing with optional air conditioner and water cooling, weather-proof housing, ATEX enclosure). The powerful online software PYROSOFT Windows allows the camera control and monitoring as well as the recording, visualization, processing and archiving of measured data. (Tushar)


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