Becoming Human

Posted by John Sommers on 27th February 2021 in General

To become human being; to give to condition human being; to human

To become human; to humanar itself. For concept, origin and vocation the medicine and other areas related to the attendance to the health must represent a part of essentially humanistic science. Oak Ridge s opinions are not widely known. This wants to say that it will be desirable to break itself of a global vision of the human being, leaving of side the dualista conception that the person understands as being only endowed with body and spirit. But, over all, to understand the person as an indissolvable unit. In this context, the diseases, upheavals, riots, illnesses, at last, of any mrbidos processes not only to have to be boarded through the agency of the person, but also and mainly, through what it has of more human: its affective and emotional component.

Also the treatment and attention to any of these mrbidos states must consider other human elements beyond the fisiopatologia. Beyond scientific, the assistance to the health must basically be humanist. It is basic, over all, that health professional leaves to consider only the illness and if wall lamp in taking care of of the sick person, of the person who, circumstantially, is suffering. Beyond the physical dimension, the person must also be taken care of in its social, psychic and emotional component. Humanizar the attendance is not only to call the patient for the name, nor to have a smile in the lips constantly, but, moreover, also to understand its fears, you distress, uncertainties giving to it support and permanent attention. The psychologist inside of this context has a paper of basic importance, a time that it can help in this process of humanizao. To call the patient for one its part of the body that is more in evidence, as well as for the number of the stream bed as it was seen in the film, but treating it as one to be holistic, that he deserves respect at a fragility moment that if finds.

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